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The Force Unleashed playthrough impressions

I recently started my very first playthrough in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360. This is actually quite an old game. It came out back in 2008 I think and it took me quite a while to buy and play it, even though I'm actually a big fan of Star Wars. Sadly, the game isn't as good as one would expect, many things in it are very nice but several other key points in gameplay ruin the overall experience so I can now understand why these games don't get much praise.

The Force Unleashed takes place several years after Episode III when the galactic Empire is already formed. Darth Vader takes on a secret apprentice on a plot to overthrow Sidious. This apprentice, named Galen Marek (known in the game as Starkiller) is a strong Force sensitive Dark Jedi who find himself traveling all over the galaxy on Vader's orders to kill the remaining Jedi knights and masters.

Story-wise, the game is quite nice and interesting, especially if you're a fan of the Star Wars universe like me. You'll visit many interesting planets and interact with tons of awesome characters both enemies and allies. The music takes several of the best tunes from the movies so that part is quite good (the very first mission lets you play as Vader on Kashyyyk to wreck havoc with the Imperial March, it's beautiful). The gameplay, on the other hand is somewhat mediocre, tons of bugs and glitches are easily noticeable and hinder the experience and the combat is not as good as it should be. Also, the targeting system for Force powers is broken, retarded and a pain in the ass to use. 

Starkiller is a Dark Jedi so he'll engage enemies using only the Force and his lightsaber (which he weilds on reverse-grip). No blasters or ships will be used in the whole game. But that's not the problem. Being a Jedi, Starkiller has all the tools to fight and win but the gameplay system is what many times stops him. Lightsaber combat is alright, a shame that it doesn't dismember enemies and are many times stopped by materials that should not stop them, like wooden sticks. But taking that out, the force powers are a pain to use. He has grip to move objects and throw them around but while he does this he can't move so doing it when surrounded by tons of enemies is a no go. 

Force Lightning and Push are there too but feel too underpowered, mainly because the targeting system is bad. When running around, Starkiller will be able to lock on to objects or enemies to use the Force on. but sometimes, the game simply decides not to aim right. It's normal for Starkiller to be directly in front of an enemy with NOTHING else around, you press Y to throw lightning but nope, the dude fires the thing to the wrong direction. It's annoying and retarded.

Since I'm playing in Hard to enjoy the game how it is supposed to be, I find myself dying many times because of this. Group of stormtroopers in front¿ let's Force push them out of the way! well no, Starkiller just force pushed a boulder instead and lost half his Force bar. AT ST or Rancor giving trouble¿ let's throw this explosive object at it! Well nope, Starkiller just decided to throw it NEXT to the target. 

Hopefully, the game is close to the end because this targeting system for Force powers is really hindering my experience with a game I was really excited about. Still, while this big problem is present, the game is not necessarily bad. It's better than any God of War game I've played and I get to use a lightsaber. Nice! I'll of course be reviewing the game very soon once I finish it with another full article dedicated to analyzing the whole game instead of bitching about it's negative parts.

Which reminds me that an avalanche of reviews are coming in the following weeks. Right now I'm making the final touches in Dynasty Warriors Next, Persona 4 Golden, Otomedius Excellent, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F and this Force Unleashed game so I expect those to be my next reviews in short term (a month or so). 


REVIEW: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Xbox 360)

After almost twelve years without a true sequel, fans that played, loved and competed in the first Tekken Tag Tournament game finally got a treat. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes out as a true and very deep 3D fighter that will cater the tastes of any good player out there. Twelve years is a lot of time and though a Tag game hasn’t come out since the original PS2 launch one, the Tekken series has seen a very large evolution with games like Tekken 4, 5, 6 and many reboots and patches improving the gameplay better and better.

Tekken Tag 2 takes the very best of every game and fuses it in a single, excellent-looking title that is very hard to compete against. It looks fantastic and tons of character, stages and modes to choose from so the game is sure to provide countless hours of fun to everyone. The game, just like its predecessor, focuses on tag teams, where each player choose two different characters and take on one another until one of them is KOed.

Namco seems to take the visual aspect of its fighting games very seriously, Soul Calibur V, which came several months before looked fantastic, and to me, it was only surpassed by Dead or Alive 5’s graphics but trust me when I say Tekken Tag 2 can stand its ground against those two in terms of visuals. The characters look fantastic, with tons of excellent textures, colors, lightning effects, anti-aliasing and many other things that, when combined, result in a very solid game visually.

Sadly, the animations for the fights themselves still seem to be stuck in the past, the PS1 years if I’m more exact. During all these years, mountains of different fighting games have been released for every console and most of them show the evolution of the animations of their characters when you compare the first and latest titles of each franchise. Tekken is the only one that seems to be stuck.

I’m very familiar with characters like Hwoarang or Law and to be quite honest, I don’t find much of an improvement when I compare those characters in Tekken 2 or 3 with the same ones in Tekken Tag 2. Of course, they look better graphically and the 60 frames-per-second are there but the animations feel dated.

This part sometimes can draw people away from the game to other franchises, and it’s really a shame because the game is quite good. It has a very solid movement and combo system that will provide players with limitless options if they invest time to learn the game. Just like in any respectable fighting game. Tekken Tag 2 has tons of ways to attack. Punches, kicks, throws, launchers, juggles, and combinations between a character and another to land a single damaging string of moves is the correct way of playing offensively. The game with the defensive game, where players can sidestep, backdash, crouch, block and punish mistakes to retake the offensive.

I’ve player most fighting games in my time and usually invest enough time with them to at least know and notice what happens in the screen and why and though Tekken is not my favorite franchise, I’ve got to say it’s definitely one of the deepest and most engaging, probably just below Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

In terms of sound, the game works fine for the most part. One of the new things introduced to the series is that now, every characters talks in the native language of the country they’re supposed to be from so you’ll be seeing Eddy speaking Portuguese, Hwoarang in Korean and Miguel in Spanish and so on. This is actually quite nice and fits perfectly into the game. Outside the voice-acting, which is OK for the most part, the game has several cartoony sounds for the punches, kicks and the rest of the things in the fights themselves that do a great job at making them feel more intense. The soundtrack is quite nice and catchy too, with many loops of different normal fighting game tunes going from different musical genres.

Gameplay-wise, Tekken Tag 2 is truly an amazing game. Though the animations of the characters fighting do feel quite dated if you’re familiar with their past versions and compare them to the same fighting styles in Dead or Alive or Virtua Fighter. Tekken Tag 2 is quite deep and offers great versions of every mechanic a competitive player would want in a true, solid 3D fighter.

Walls play an important part in combos, just like chaining strings together not only with a single character but changing to your companion as well. Choosing a good team is very important, and with a huge cast like this one, (Over 40 different fighters) finding a perfect team for your tastes will prove to be quite a challenge. The point of forming a team seems to be choosing two characters where one will nullify the other’s weaknesses so they can pretty much engage anyone. So you’ll often see high-level players mixing a grappler like King or Marduk with a faster-hitting fighter like Kunimitsu or Miharu.

For the most part, all characters are very strong and they all have tons of strengths and weaknesses. If a player learns how to use a character or team properly, he/she will be able to take on anyone consistently because most mechanics in the game are universal. All characters have punches, kicks, throws, blocking, side-stepping, etc and the point is to learn how to use each one correctly and how to fight against them.

The game offers many modes like Arcade, Survival, Time Attack and the usual things seen in a fighter’s offline modes. You can of course go to a training mode to test moves, combos and your defense. Sadly, this game doesn’t show frame data anywhere like VF5FS and DOA5 do so internet forums or a guide would be the best way to get a hold of that if anyone is interested. Training mode is quite useful though and lets you test whatever you choose.

Online multiplayer works fine for the most part. The netcode is good so it’s rare to find laggy matches where the delay makes things unplayable. Online players, like in any popular game go from the easiest novices to the pro players who will destroy you without any mercy. This mode is great to earn experience, learn and make friends inside what is a very cool community.

All modes usually earn the player some money to buy stuff to customize costumes for each character. All of them can be equipped with hats, shirts, pants, skirts, shoes and many other curious and funny-looking items. There are a lot of these and the ability to change colors for everything gives to opportunity to make any character look exactly how you want him/her to. It’s very similar to the same stuff seen in Soul Calibur V and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and it’s quite nice.

For closing comments, I can say that Tekken Tag 2 is an extremely solid and fun game and one of the best 3D fighters I’ve played in the last years. It has excellent graphics, a huge and awesome cast of characters to play as, nice music, modes to play and a solid netcode that will provide players with a great online experience. This game will hopefully see a lot of popularity in the coming years and it definitely deserves it. I recommend it 100%.


-          Great visuals and sound.
-          Huge cast of solid characters.
-          Many modes to choose from.
-          Gameplay is deep and rewards practice and knowledge.
-          Great online netcode.


-          Character animations feel kind of dated.
-          Training mode isn’t very good.

-          Graphics and Visuals…….…..9
-          Music and Sound Effects….....8
-          Gameplay……………………9
-          Replay Value………………..10

-          Overall Score……………….. 9 / 10


Last take on Persona 4 Golden

It's already been a month since I started this game and I've been debating with myself all this time about what I really think about it. I truly love the JRPG genre with all my heart. Games like Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Quest VIII or Chrono Trigger have been some of my most precious experiences and memories of my life and now, I'm currently just about to add Persona 4 Golden to my list of favorite games ever made.

I don't really think I've ever said this about a game since I created this blog, much less in this generation as a whole. I've loved many games in this gen wholeheartedly, Final Fantasy XIII, Dead or Alive 4, Forza 3 or Uncharted 2, just to name a few, but to be quite honest, none of them have left me with this great sadness like Persona 4 Golden. I simply don't want the game to end, it was a fantastic experience that I want to live again.

It's actually quite funny because when I try my best to look at it from a more objective perspective, Persona 4 is quite simple in many ways. All dungeons are actually the same with different layouts for the corridors and stairs in each, there's no Overworld, in fact, the entire game takes place inside a very small town with about... seven or so actual locations to visit and the battle system goes a very orthodox way (but it works perfectly fine).

The thing is that Atlus managed to make a simple, yet magical mix of little somethings that eventually turned out to be a masterpiece, because I can't really think of a better word to describe this game. Persona 4 Golden. Is. A fucking. Masterpiece. The social links are an excellent way of making character development, and the fact that there are so many people the protagonist can have friendships with just makes living each of them very exciting. The entire cast is truly awesome. And not only the party members like Yosuke or Teddie, but the main character's friends outside it like Sayoko, the nurse over the hospital, Nanako, the main dude's little cousin you'll want to spoil during all the game or Adachi, the lousy detective who always goofs around Junes.

During the whole game, I noticed the narrative, while simple, moved at a perfect pace from the moment you start a New Game until the very end. Atlus got it right by having the players wonder what the hell will happen next?, how will Kanji or Rise help me once they join the party? Who is the killer? Etc, etc. The battles feel simple, with a turn-based system that have allies and enemies take turns to attack, defend, buff and debuff without many flashy or great animations. But the customization in the Personas, skills, items, equipment and everything is huge which guarantees that every player will have a different set of Personas for the main protagonist and they'll all probably use a party member in many different ways so my Kanji is probably completely different from another player's Kanji.

I'm really happy with this game, no other title had given me this feeling of satisfaction is so many years. I was pissed off at first when I found out Rise doesn't actually join the party's front line but she becomes so fucking useful and acts so much in battle that you'll have no choice but to accept that she's extremely awesome in-battle, even if she doesn't attack opponents herself. The cast, narrative, graphics, story, battle system, gameplay outside battles and holy fuck... the soundtrack, THAT.FUCKING.SOUNDTRACK. It's just incredible. I never thought J-pop and so many vocal songs could work so perfectly in a JRPG game.

I haven't actually finished the game yet. I'm just about to start the True Ending dungeon, already watched the bad ending and good ending cinematics and almost cried out of joy. Tomorrow I'll most likely be done with this first playthrough and though I have a huge, HUGE backlog waiting for me, I'll tell those game to fuck themselves and play Persona 4 Golden again with some tweaks to enhance my experience. I checked the list of extra stuff in the Vita version compared to the PS2 one and it's huge. Extra social links, extra personas, fuse abilities, a whole fucking season to live in town and even events during the entire game. Persona 4 Golden is a must-buy even if you played the PS2 version before.

Once I get the true ending, I'll be reviewing the game in a more elaborate and objective way but I can't really find anything negative about it so this is pretty much smelling like my very first 10/10. It's about time I gave a perfect score huh¿ I'll see what I decide on once I sit down and write it. But long-story-short, this game is a true masterpiece of gaming and should not be missed.


DmC demo playthrough.

A playthrough of the new DMC: Devil May Cry game on Xbox 360. My fellow DOA5/VF5 player @KayinAmoh is responsible for this video. Looks quite nice and extremely fast-paced though I don't like the new Dante's attitude at all.


[ OP ] Atelier Ayesha Opening Movie [ HD ]

The opening cinematic for Atelier Ayesha. It's quite beautiful. This game looks much better than the previous ones in the series.

Atelier Ayesha Launch Trailer

Trailer for Atelier Ayesha, the new entry in the Atelier series. This game doesn't actually have any connection with the past trilogy (Rorona, Totori and Meruru). It takes place in a new world with new characters and gameplay system. In fact, the whole alchemist thing changed to herbalist so Ayesha, the main character, will have to center her recipes and creations mostly on hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands) of plants.

The story revolves around Ayesha losing her sister in some ruins and her going in an adventure to find her while still taking care of her workshop. She will make friends and enemies in what promises to be quite a beautiful game. Tecmo-Koei (the new owners of the franchise in the west) seem to have decided to publish the game here without the original Japanese voice-acting, which is sad but I'm still excited about it.

The game comes out exclusively for PS3 on March 5, 2013.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - English Trailer #1

I think I already posted this quite some time ago but I took another look at it and got a little excited. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is the third game in a trilogy created by GUST and brought to America by NIS America. It's kinda ecchi so it has tons of pretty, skimpy and busty anime ladies. The first game is quite bad but the second is much better. I heard the third is good as well so I preordered it. Release date is May 31, 2013 so it's still quite a few ways ahead.

Dead or Alive 5 Zack Island

Trailer for the new stage in Dead or Alive 5. Zack Island features a very beautiful beach with slippery surfaces and trees to act as walls. Seems really nice from a graphical and gameplay point of view. It's supposed to come up in a few hours in the PlayStation Store and the best news is, it's free. 

Team Ninja is also releasing a new batch of DLC costumes, all of them as bikinis for the girls. These aren't free though. Patch 1.03 should be up now worldwide in PSN so give it a try!


Another Menace incoming

There's this figure that's been catching my attention for like two years now. It's a version of Menace, the Egyptian busty beauty from the anime series Queen's Blade, which I'm actually a fan of. I've been interested in the figure but a long time but the empty stocks of it in Amazon and the usually-high prices made me avoid buying her until now. I found it for quite a reasonable price so I decided to just go with it.

During all this time, I've kept my eye out for reviews, photo galleries and opinions in general from the public, especially people who really seem to know what they're talking about when it comes to these things. And all I seem to find are universally positive reviews. This version of Menace is much different from the one I already own. The most noticeable thing is that here, she's wearing her normal outfit from the anime, instead of a regular bikini, she seems to be much taller too, standing at around 26cms tall (the bikini one is just about 19 from her feet to the hands above the head) and the outfit seems to be removable.

The quality seems to be quite high and the figure itself somewhat rare to find at a "good" price. She's usually very expensive, even if you go for preowned ones in sites like eBay. There's an even rarer figure of Melona, the pink-haired girl who is always seen with Menace in the anime made by the same company but that one is simply impossible to find. Tough luck for Melona fans.

Mine will come from Japan so it's gonna be a few weeks before it gets here. I'll just have to keep an eye for the tracking of the package and be sure to make a cool photo gallery to post here when I get her. With luck, my gallery of this version of Menace will get just as popular as the one from the bikini figure I took way before. If you search "Queen's Blade Menace figure" in Google, most of the first image results are mine, what's up with that!¿

Anyway, I'm very happy and very excited to finally own this figure, it's one of the figures I've wanted the most in the last two years so I'm relieved I own one now. There are still others interesting me like Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Gabranth from Play Arts Kai and some Marvel superheroes from Marvel Selects but those will have to wait... ah! These pics posted here aren't mine of course. So credit goes to whoever took them.


Dead or Alive 5 Ver 1.03 changes.

Team Ninja released today a list with all the changes Dead or Alive 5 will see in the upcoming patch, which hits PS3 on Jan 22nd and Xbox 360 on Jan 29th. The list is actually quite large with many, many things in both system changes and balance ones. Many issues will be addressed in the ranked matches settings like forcing people to play 3-round fights, lowering Normal health setting to 270 and fixing many bugs in almost all modes. 

A new stage is being added, Zack Island which I suppose is a beach. I hope it's good because one of the weak points of the game in my opinion is the stage variety (which is supposed to be a strong point for the franchise, but the Circus and Oil Rig stages come up too much). There's also a necessary change that will allow players to unlock characters and costumes by playing ranked online matches. Too late for those of us with Alpha-152 already though.

In the balance part, all characters are getting buffs and nerfs that will definitely change the way the game is played. Helena is safer and has a new CB move from BKO, Tina got a throw from SS, Busa seems to be faster and so on. On paper, most of those look like they're going to be good but it's up for the players to put them to practice and decide for themselves.

The full list of changes can be found in these two links:


Atelier Ayesha and Ni No Kuni preordered!

Two new interesting titles in the JRPG genre are coming out this year and they've caught my eye. The first of them is Ni No Kuni, a game I already talked about when I first tried the demo last month. I loved the demo and see tons and tons of potential with the game in every aspect so I've decided to buy it as soon as it comes out from Amazon. My trip to NYC has been delayed so buying it there is a no go now. The game is actually coming out next week, this Tuesday if I'm exact so I would be getting it in the first days of February but I wouldn't play it immediately because I have other games with higher priority waiting for Persona 4 and the others to be finished. If you want to read my impressions on the demo of Ni No Kuni, click here.

The second game is Atelier Ayesha, from the same franchise from Rorona, Totori and Meruru. This game is actually the first in a new story, meaning the it won't take place in Arland, the land from the past three games. But it does have some similarities. Ayesha is a lonely girl who runs a herbalist's shop instead of an Alchemy one and the game seems to focus on her looking for a lost sister. I don't expect it to be the best JRPG ever but knowing it'll come is definitely good news.

A third game that just re-caught my attention is Pandora's Tower for the Wii.. This game is like a "little brother" to Xenoblade and The Last Story, the three JRPGs that "almost" didn't make it to the West. After several months without a word, it looks like XSEED will be bringing Pandora's Tower to America in Spring 2013. This is definitely awesome and more than welcome.

We're only in January and several good-looking RPGs are already in the horizon. Will 2013 see an improvement in JRPG releases and quality? It sure does look like it with games like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Tales of Xillia, Ni No Kuni, Atelier Ayesha, Pandora's Tower and yes, we'll probably even get good news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


Persona 4 is a fucking masterpiece

I really wanted to make a post about my progress in Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita but I've been so hooked with the game that I prefer to play it rather than write about it when I'm home. I'm extremely surprised by how deep and well-made this game is. I'm even willing to call the thing a fucking masterpiece. It's just one of the best JRPGs I've played in this gen. Personally I say it's on par with Xenoblade and both Final Fantasy XIII games (Yes, I loved those). It's that good. 

The storyline progress has a very good pace and managed to make several things happen in a short time without deviating from the main plot, solving a murder case in a small Japanese town using a party of high-school students. The social links, dialogs, battle system, soundtrack, graphics and story itself are very good and gets more and more interesting the more you advance through the game.

Even with that, I was bummed about something that happens in a certain part of the game. This is going to be a spoiler so if you haven't played it yet I suggest jumping to the next couple paragraphs. During the beginning of the game up until Rise's dungeon, I was already used to Teddie being the support character. I knew he was gonna join eventually but when I saved Rise and learned she never actually joins the fighting I was quite pissed at it. Fortunately, she takes Teddie's place as supporter and does learn quite a few abilities that are very useful for revealing stuff outside and inside battles.

Right now, I'm inside Naoto's dungeon, which has an excellent song for a change (Rise's and the other crazy kid's dungeons had terrible songs). I'm doing quite good with the battler using a party with Yu, Yosuke, Kanji and Yukiko. But I decided to leave and replenish HP and SP to revisit again using Chie and Teddie so they don't fall behind in level. Rise is being useful as well, usually giving me useful advice so I can hit the enemies with guaranteed criticals. This is awesome. Ah! Almost forgot to mention, I started a romance with Yukiko by mistake. I'm leveling the social links of all party members and manage to reach max with Yukiko and without really expecting it, we fell for each other, so I guess my Yu is now Yukiko's boyfriend so I can forget about those dates with Rise.

OK, END SPOILERS. This is so far a game that is making me VERY happy. I'm extremely pleased with it and seeing games in the JRPG genre being so good in this generation is something quite rare because I have to admit the overall quality of the genre has been lowered a bit since the PS1 and PS2 days. Purchasing a Vita months ago proved to be the correct decision, I struggled a little at first with only Ninja Gaiden, Uncharted and Gravity Rush but now that I have Persona 4 and the other games, I'm just happy to be the owner of a Vita.


Code of Princess first impressions!

My copy of Code of Princess for the Nintendo 3DS arrived this friday and I finally got a chance to try it out. Overall, the game seems pretty good, complete, deep and challenging but there are a couple of issues with the graphics and English voice-acting that I don't like much. The game is about a group of four characters with a protagonist named Solange, a very beautiful blonde princess with a really skimpy outfit and a huge sword she has to protect from some evil dudes. Along the way the meets several other characters who can join her group and have missions of their own.

The game is a nice mix between a beat-em-up and a JRPG. You choose a character and a mission and you'll be put in a specific area to kill every enemy. The game is actually 2D but the are some planes of movement and your character can move up or down to reach them. This part is very similar to Tales of Rebirth, one of the Tales games that never made it out of Japan.

I already played with the four main protagonists and they're all pretty cool. Solange is a bit slow but her attacks have excellent reach and deal plenty of damage. Ali is a thief with excellent speed and combo abilities, Lady Zozo seems to be a mage with AOE spells to hurt most of the things in screen while Allegro is a bard who can use his... guitar to emit sound waves to damage oponents.

Gameplay-wise everything seems to be really nice. Outside Solange, Ali, Zozo and Allegro are 50+ characters to choose from. Multiplayer allows people to play as almost anything. Even the generic knights the game throws out at you in the campaing. Sadly, I tried to play online several times and didn't find anyone. I hope I was just unlucky because the game seems very cool. Multiplayer can also be played offline with other players with 3DS consoles of their own both cooperatively or against each other.

The graphics aren't very good to be honest, the game seems to use some pixelated sprites that move nicely but one can't help but compare how some great games looks in the console (Ocarina of Time, Mario 3D Land) with Code of Princess. The areas you play on do look pretty nice though. The only other thing I don't like is the English voice-acting, which is really mediocre so far. I watched a lot of gameplay videos and trailers before buying the game and thought the Japanese voices were selectable, but it doesn't look like it. A shame. Overall, and from my very little experience with it, I recommend the game.


Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Gameplay Footage (Nintendo 3DS)

Pokemon X and Y announced for Nintendo 3DS! Release date October 2013 worldwide! YES!

Some new games I got for the holidays

Though most of the games and stuff I ordered from Amazon before Christmas Eve hasn't arrived yet, I managed to find some amazing deals in several gaming stores I never used to visit before. The one I always bought shit at raised prices like crazy and the place just isn't viable anymore for me. Luckily, there still seem to be owners around the city with brains in their heads that sell games at "reasonable" prices. For around an equivalent to 15 to 20 dollars each I managed to get all of these games:

- Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen (Vita)
- Pokémon: White Version 2 (DS)
- Persona (PSP)
- Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PS3)
- Killzone Trilogy (PS3)
- Mass Effect 3 (PS3)
- Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (Xbox 360)
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox 360)
- Otomedius Excellent Special Edition (Xbox 360)

Deus Ex and Otomedius are actually two of the titles I got from Amazon which did get here rather quickly. The rest of that list was purchased at several different stores all over my city. Since I'm so hooked to Persona 4 (I have to make a post about some stuff on it) I decided to purchase the first game for PSP and now have the second and third in my wishlist too. 

The three Star Wars games came because I simply... remembered I'm actually a huge Star Wars fan, thing that I don't think I've ever mentioned here. I watched the movies again, just like the old pre-Episode 3 Cartoon Network animated series and got hooked with the Expanded Universe by spending several hours reading tons of shit about it and updating myself on what is new on it.

I actually played Lego Star Wars several years ago when they first came out in PC (when I used to have a gaming-capable PC... 2005 maybe¿) and loved them so I'm going to replay the remastered version on PS3. And Force Unleashed, while I'm not expecting them to be on-par with Ninja Gaiden, I'm sure they'll be much better than God of War. Besides, I'm more interested in the story behind Starkiller.

With Mass Effect 3 and Killzone Trilogy I complete two great franchises still didn't own completely. I've only played Mass Effect 1 and Killzone 2 and liked them a lot so 2013 will be the year to complete both sci-fi trilogies. Dark Souls is more of a collection thing. If I had to be honest I'd say I hate Demons' Souls so I ignored Dark Souls until now (I got it because it was ridiculously cheap). I'll probably try it but I don't expect to get hooked by it.

I'm still waiting for the following games:

- Code of Princess (3DS)
- Lollipop Chainsaw (Xbox 360)
- Rayman Origins (Xbox 360)
- Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (Vita)
- Gods Eater Burst (PSP)
- Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time (PSP)
- Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS)
- Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (PS3)

That's eight new games, so I can definitely say this was an excellent Christmas for gaming purchases. Still, though I'm sure it doesn't look like it, not everything went according to plan because I left three games out because they were still at full price. They are Journey (PS3) (The physical copy that comes with Flower and flOw), Forza Horizon (Xbox 360) and Tales of Innocence R (Vita, Japanese import). I want Forza in Collector's Editon and it's priced at 72 or so dollars. With that money I could buy four of the other games. That's why I left it out. Innocence is at 78 dollars because I have to import it from Japan but I know I'll eventually get it. Journey is already at 30$ so I'll just wait a few more weeks for it to get to the twenties.

And well, that's it for now. I'll of course make a new post once the Amazon games get here. It should be during the week. I hope tomorrow. For now, I'll just keep playing Persona 4 Golden, Dynasty Warriors Next, Halo 4, Dead or Alive 5 and my other games.


DOA1U Kasumi Xtreme Combos(DOA1Uかすみコンボ)

Some very nice combos by Kasumi in the classic Dead or Alive 1. Worth watching to compare how the franchise (and genre) have evolved over the many years.


First post of 2013 and gaming plans

It's officially 2013 where I live and I'm having a blast eating way too much Spanish food with my entire family (though my girlfriend is not in the country sadly). I'm pretty optimistic about what 2013 will bring to me in every aspect of life and I really hope many good things will happen and good news will be received. 

But now, for my gaming plans, which is what this site is supposed to be about in reality. There are quite a lot of new games I got for these holidays and I'm currently in process of finishing Persona 4 Golden, Dynasty Warriors Next, Little Big Planet Vita, Otomedius Excellent and Portal 2. More are on the way like Rayman Origins, Code of Princess, Lollipop Chainsaw, etc and of course there's Halo 4 and my fighting games like Virtua, DOA and Tekken Tag 2. (which will be my first review for 2013). 

I think that 2013 will most likely see me create an actual level in Little Big Planet, I'm still not sure if I'll choose LBP2 on PS3 or the Vita game but I'm really feeling like doing it. It's something I just feel I need to do. Besides, LBP Vita is really awesome, much better than the PSP one.

As I tried to do during most of 2012, I'll keep my efforts on enjoying as many different genres as I possibly can. Besides casual gaming, the thing I hate the most about players nowdays is how they force themselves to stick to a single type of game all the time. I know a lot who play exclusively JRPGs, exclusively shooters or exclusively fighters and that's really lame in my opinion. I was very satisfied today when I looked at the boxes of my Christmas games and most of them are of a different genre. Filled me with joy.

So that. I'll work hard for 2013 to be a good year for all things gaming, anime, literature, comics, movies and of course, life itself which is the really important thing and I truly wish the same to everyone who shares my hobbies and way of life. Let's keep making gaming and geeky things in general as awesome as they deserve to be. Cheers!