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Pre-New Year's entry

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I'm gonna spend it with my parents at home just eating and drinking shit so there's sure to be a lot of gaming and House on DVD. I was planning on spending today just advancing on Uncharted 2 to see if I got lucky enough to platinum it before 2011 but it's not gonna happen, I'm just before the Yeti parts, I haven't even reached the tank sections. I did play the train section which is definitely my favorite in the entire game. God, I love Uncharted 2. Then I spent some time on Wave Race Blue Storm and 64, they are really simple racing games but I just love them with a passion, specially 64. I was trying to win an Expert Championship with D.Mariner (the fat guy) but he's just way too hard to control in the zigzag parts of Sunset Bay and Drake Lake so I just kept losing.

Then, one of my fellow gamer friends came over and spent like 3 hours on my Wii playing Monster Hunter Tri, the game is much better than I expected, but as I always say. It cannot be played along with other games, you need to dedicate time only to it to fully take advantage of the things it offers. It's a great game and I don't regret buying it for Christmas. Then I showed him DKCR and he didn't seem very amused, weird. I love that game.

The best part of the night came when he started playing Sports Champions on my PS3. He loves gladiator stuff so he obviously enjoyed the Gladiator Duel minigame a lot. He spent like 2 hours playing it until he was literally sweating, he liked the game a lot and that makes me happy since that means we have something fresh to play at my house when we get together.

Also, I got my godfather's copy of Gran Turismo 5 but I haven't been able to play it because it's asking for a 608mb update and I refuse to play it without it. I'm gonna download the thing in a bit while I mess around with the PSP 3000 and will post my opinions on the game tomorrow, I really don't think they're gonna be bad because even though I'm a Forza and Codemasters guy, gotta admit GT5 looks sweet.


My gaming habits are a mess

This Christmas has been great, much like every other one. My family has this amazing habit of buying a lot of gifts to me which is great, that plus my personal habit of constantly buying gifts to myself makes me end up with a fucking whole lot of new games every Christmas. This year I ended up with a Sports Champions, Kingdom Hearts PSP, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Monster Hunter Tri, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 for Gamecube and a new PSP 3000 with Little Big Planet bundled on it.

 It you take the fact that I haven't finished some of the games I was playing before this avalanche of new cool titles showed up (DKCR, Dragon Quest IX, etc) then the list of unfinished titles starts becoming quite big. Fortunately most of the games I want to buy for 2011 are gonna be released either in March or by the end of next year. It feels great to already have the money saved for my 3DS.

Right now I'm playing Uncharted 2 for the second time, I wanted to revive the experience and now that I have the habit of getting platinum trophies on my PS3 games I decided to get U2's. The game is quite amazing and getting it's platinum is gonna be great. I'm thinking about getting it's DLC to see if I can get 100% on the completion percentage. I'm also with DKCR which is a great game though a really hard one, I have to play around 5 levels per session because I get tired quickly of constantly dying on it, but the experience so far has been great on it and I promise to mi Wii that I'm gonna 100% that game.

Ah, forgot to mention, this christmas I also ended up with 4000 Wii Points which I already spent on Wave Race 64, Majora's Mask, Megaman 4, Mario Bros and DKC2. That way my Wii has gaming hours garanteed every week. I'm also getting my hands on a Grant Turismo 5 copy my dad and I originally bought for my godfather but he already had it. And I'm really feeling the need to buy Enslaved for PS3, it looks like a really amazing action-adventure title to enjoy on the PS3 but I probably should wait till it's cheaper.

 I'm also playing F1 2010, FIFA 2011 and Dragon Quest IX. The three of them are really amazing titles but the fact that the PS3 games' platinums are hard to get are keeping me a little away from them and to be quite honest, DQ9 was not what I expected and playing JRPGs just because I already got them is lame. I think I'm probably gonna abandon it and just start Final Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of Light which insterest me much more.

My PSP 3000's screen has a few dead pixels so I'm most likely gonna have to use the warranty to replace it for a new one. LBP on it is great and having that game plus Dissidia really pleases me. I really need to come up with a organized schedule to play all my games in order and fully enjoy all of them before starting to buy more like crazy.