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Gaming Weekend

My gaming activities this weekend were really productive and amazingly fun. I promised I would try and start using all my consoles because it's just the fair and logical thing to do after investing so much money and time on them. So I went back on Enslaved: Journey to the West and finished it's story. As I already said several times, the game is really good. I'm gonna write a review for it most likely tomorrow (along with F1 2010's). I feel like the game needed more combat and less walking and climbing. But the fact that it feels like they're telling you the story behind the original Dragon Ball again looks excellent. I could recognize all the characters with their cameos in Dragon Ball. I totally recommend this game which is gonna go under the table as an underrated gem. but anyway, it's a great game specially for the environments and storytelling. I liked it more than Bayonetta which I played last january and was completely dissapointed by it. Now I'll go and unlock all the remaining trophies and finish it for a second time in hard difficulty. 

 I also started Pokemon Platinum which I've been wanting to do for almost a year since I bought it. Looks just like SoulSilver which is logical but really good. Even though I've got a cool bunch of pokemon from SS I could transfer to Platinum, I'm gonna try and complete until the 1st Elite Four run with the pokemon from that region because I'm not used to them. I started the adventure with Turtwig, which I named "Yggdrasil" and I caught a Starly who will replace the Pidgey everyone catches in the old versions. I don't wanna get obsessed with the game like I did with SoulSilver but I'm gonna play it little by little and enjoy it's features, it's a good thing most of my friends from the forums I visit also like pokemon so I can battle and trade with them using the DS's wi-fi conection.

Last night I went to a friend's home and played DKCR and Kirby's Epic Yarn on co-op for a while, both are excellent with a friend and we had great fun dying a lot in Donkey Kong and admiring the art style in the Kirby game. We talked a lot about the 3DS, PSP2, the games we're expecting this 2011 and made fun of PC gaming which I don't usually enjoy very much. Tomorrow I'm gonna get back into Dissidia and F1 2010. I still have to play the pole-position in Catalunya. So many games to play, I need to get this organized.


DKCR Minecart level

This one is in one of the minecart levels.

Tiki pájaro

This is a video of some friends and me trying to get past a level in DKCR while trying to kill the flying tikis at the same time. We did horribly but laughed a lot with this. Speech is in spanish.


New Kirby game, PSP 2 hype and DKC2

It's friday night again and like the last four or five fridays I stayed home.The last two days weren't very productive for gaming I must say, that's why I haven't posted anything important. I just don't feel like playing Enslaved and F1 2010 right now. I'm like really glued to my Wii which feels extremely weird given all the crap I've talked about that console. I played a lot of DKC2 today on it. It's definitely one of the best (if not THE best) 2D platformers ever created. I don't want to keep advancing on DKCR until the guide gets here because I want to use it in case I start getting lost when hunting the puzzle pieces down.

Yesterday I bought a used God of War Collection from a college friend and I tried it today. The remastered versions of the PS2 action games look very good on the PS3. I'm glad I got the games because I actually never bought any of the chapters in the trilogy before, which is weird given that I actually collect videogames.

I don't know why but in just a day my gaming habits changed drastically. Less than a month ago I was hunting trophies down like crazy on my PS3 but once I got the one in TRU I just gave up and decided to start using all my consoles. But instead I completely switched to the Wii to play everything on it including the titles from the Virtual Console. Now I look at my 360, DS and PSP and I feel bad for them because they're kind of abandoned and they should not be because I've got tons of great games for them. I'm planning to start playing a little of each console everyday, even if it's just 30-40 minutes because I want to enjoy my consoles.

In other news, I've been reading a lot about the NGP (retarded name so I'll just call it PSP 2 from now on) and like I already mentioned in the post about it, the console will have tons of cool features including 3G conectivity, touch screen and two sticks for FPS games. It looks really cool but I think the price will get to 350 dollars. I hope it doesn't get more expensive because then I won't be able to get it at launch. I watched a demo video of the Uncharted game and it looks pretty good but the fact that it's not being developed by Naughy Dog keeps my interest away.

Also, today I saw a cool trailer for a new Kirby game for the Wii. It looks freaking amazing. The game will get back to the commons style with Kirby sucking up enemies to get their powers on 2D platforming levels. The music, enemies, environments and characters look really amazing. I can't wait to get more info on it. Of course, every new bit of info on this game will get posted here. I took the oportunity to watch gameplay videos of Kirby 64 which I never played for some reason and I looks very good and now I want to buy it for the Virtual Console. I need to make plans about that.


2011 1 28 3

I swear I had a dream about this a few days ago. A new Kirby game was announced yesterday in Japan. EXCELLENT VIDEO!


LittleBigPlanet 2 Custom Zelda Level

This is the reason why Little Big Planet 2 is the most brilliant videogame created this gen along with Nuts and Bolts and Viva Piñata (and of course, LBP1)

PSP2 Revealed!

After all the rumors and talk about Sony's answer to the 3DS. They finally announced the PSP2. It's quite different from all the pictures we've been seeing about it. From what I read from Kotaku, the console will be available this holiday but we don't know anything about a price yet. Several Sony franchises are gonna make it into the thing including Uncharted (YES!), Resistance, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Wipeout and others. It's gonna have a high-def screen a little bigger than the PSP1's and it's gonna include cameras on both side, sixaxis and touching sensitive controls. The thing looks really cool, I can't wait to see some demos in action.

I suppose all the important news tomorrow will be about this so I'll definitely keep a close eye on everything and post it here.What makes me happy is that all the great Sony games are already announced for it so unlike the original one, the PSP2 is garanteed to have a great launch lineup. Knowing me I'm most likely gonna choose Uncharted and LBP as my first two games for it.


Gaming Strategy Guides

When I was hunting platinum trophies down like crazy I bought a collector's edition guide fro Final Fantasy XIII which came extremely handy to get everything in the game. After seeing the great quality of it I decided to buy the FFVII and FFX-2 ones and I fell in love. These things are actually really cool additions to a gamer's collection and the only ones I had were the Prima guide for DOA4, The official Nintendo Power guide for Majora's Mask and an Ocarina of Time one from a mexican gaming magazine I used to buy when I was a teenager.

With the three Final Fantasy guides I have six. So, this past saturday while I was playing Donkey Kong Country Returns trying to get puzzle pieces I was having a hard time finding some and I thought it'd be cool if I had the guide for it. So I went to Amazon and started browsing several ones (besides the DKCR one) and I ended up making an order for DKCR, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Other M and Epic Yarn. Four guides for a lot of games I want to 100% (even if it doesn't get me a platinum trophy or achievement points)

I might also buy guides for Muramasa, Twilight Princess (which I want to 100%), Final Fantasy X, Halo Reach and Fallout 3 GOTY edition. I need to administer that money because the fact that those guides are cheap makes me want to get a lot of them at the same time and I can find myself spending a lot on a single order.

I will post pictures of the guides I already have and once the new ones get here they will get photographed as well.


I'm really enjoying Smash Bros Brawl

Today after class I stayed at college and played Brawl with my buddies from there for about 5 hours. It was amazing. I've been talking crap about the game for some time but the truth is that I get pissed off at the idiots who take it really seriously, like it was a real fighting game like DOA or Virtua Fighter.

If you play the game on every stage with 3 other people it's a blast and once you get the hang of a few characters like I'm doing. Things just keep getting better. I bought the game a lot of time ago when I first got the Wii but never actually paid any attention to it, until I started playing it with my girlfriend at my place. I noticed the game was actually pretty cool and now that I know people who like to play it without trying to be idiots about it I might consider Brawl as a good consideration when I game with other people.

My favorite characters so far are Kirby, King Dedede, Zero-suit Samus and Peach but today I got the hang of Pikachu and Olimar which look like they are amazing as well. I'm also waiting to unlock Toon Link because he seems more interesting than the Twilight Princess Link. Brawl is a really great option as a fighting game while I wait for Dead or Alive Dimentions.

Speaking about DOAD, Hayashi (the new Team Ninja leader) just said Samus won't actually be a playable character in the game which means that for the first time in the series' history, a character from a previous title won't make it to the next (Master Chief), unless they decide to put a new guy to be his replacement. We'll just have to wait and see.

Wave Race 64 Time Attack mode

I've been investigating for a while about how the pros have attemped the time attack records in WR64 over the years and to my surprise, most if not all the videos I've been watching are played in normal difficulty except for the tracks where that is not available (Twilight City is played on Hard and Glacier Coast on Expert). I thought all the tracks were played on expert but it seems I was mistaken.

After seeing all that, I started playing on Sunny Beach to attempt a good time. I used David Mariner and the best I got was 1.07.*** and my best lap time is 21.7**. I'm actually not that far from the world record on lap time (the record is 20.15) but the time for the entire race is 1.03.*** which means I'm four entire seconds away from it. That's simply insane. I'm gonna try to take my time to at least 1.05 over the next few days but it seems impossible because in the first lap the riders starts from a total stop so my logic tells me it's not possible to achieve sub-22 times on lap 1.

I didn't play Blue Storm today though I should have, that game is way harder than WR64. I'm even having a hard time finding my ideal rider. I didn kind of good with Ryota Hayami but Nigel and Serena also have great stats for my play style. The tracks in expert are extremely hard but really cool. I'm probably gonna have to play the game on hard a few times until I get totally used to it's gameplay before attempting an expert run. Of course I'd also love to try a couple of time attack records in that game.

F1 2010 > Gran Turismo 5

I said GT5 was not that bad when I got it in christmas but the truth is that every time I put it in my PS3 I get really pissed at it. B-Spec is probably the most retarded mode ever created for a racing game. You're supposed to created an AI driver and give him orders and advice during a race you'll WATCH. The problem is that I don't think anyone wants to do that. We buy racing games to drive the actual vehicles so I don't see the point or the fun in this B-spec shit. Another problem is that several of the A-spec events I'm supposed to be able to play have really strict car restrictions, example there's one event asking me to race with a japanese car from 1979 or earlier. No problem. But when I go to the dealerships and the used car shop, there are no cars to be found with those specifications so how the hell am I supposed to play if the dealerships are not offering me the cars I need¿

I asked a friend about it and he says the game kind of forces you to play the events in different orders, jumping from one difficulty to another and getting the cars you need as gifts every time you level up. But to be honest I'm not really fond of that, I like to play the events in order. If I'm just a begginer then let me play all my begginer events and don't force me to go to higher difficulties only to get my ass kicked because I don't have the skills and the cars required to get good results.

Also, the game is just too boring, there's no sense of speed and the music makes me sleepy instead of making the game fun. I spent the entire weekend playing F1 2010 and both Wave Race games and seriously, when I pick them up I don't want to put the controller down, the same happened with Forza 3 and both DiRT games. Gran Turismo 5 has a lot of potential but it failed at the most important thing in a videogame, it's no fun to play it. It's probably the most boring game I've played this gen.

I decided to restart my career at F1 2010. I'm currently in race 5: Catalunya. The track is amazing and since I play at 30% I'm gonna have to race 20 laps on it. I spent an hour on a practice session trying different car set-ups to see which ones work better for me and I also memorized the entire track to avoid problems in pole position and the actual race. I don't expect an excellent result since I'm driving for Lotus which is a really weak team, but if I finish the race at 10th or better I'm gonna be happy, I want to keep getting points to beat my teammate (Jarno Trulli) and get an offer for a better team. I don't think I'll get called by Ferrari or McLaren but something like Renault or Williams would be really awesome. I'm most likely gonna race this wednesday.

Wave Race 64 Dolphin Ride

This is a video of me messing around a little in Wave Race 64, I managed to do the trick to ride a dolphin in the Virtual Console version of the game.


Now that I remember, I haven't worked on the Banjo creepypasta in a few days, I need to get back into it. Right now I'm waiting for this friend to bring the N64 to collegue so we can play a little bit before going to class. I brought Wave Race, Golden Eye and Episode 1 Racer to play with them but I also brought Zelda Ocarina of Time to demonstrate the cool Crooked Cartridge trick to them. I hope it works.

Wave Race 64, Blue Storm and guide shopping

I FINALLY after all these long years won an expert championship in Wave Race 64 using D.Mariner (the fat guy) I always lost the races in Sunset Bay and Drake Lake and usually never had enough points to go beyond Twilight City but I finally managed to get a 3rd place at Sunset Bay and an AMAZING win at Drake Lake which gave me enought points not only to race all events but to win the entire championship. It might seem like a meh thing nowdays but I've tried this countless times since I was a teenager and I FINALLY managed to do it. I even like D.Mariner a lot now.

I also played a lot of Blue Storm and since the gameplay is a bit different from 64, I decided to start it using R.Hayami which is pretty much the most balanced character. I'd like to get good with Mariner on it as well. I found out 3 of Blue Storm's characters are actually from 1080 Snowboarding, that N64 game I never bought. I think I'm gonna get it for the Virtual Console as well. WRBS is freaking awesome, though unlike other Gamecube titles, it's graphics are showing their age but who cares¿ It's definitely one of the best racing games out there.

The extra controllers I ordered from Amazon finally arrived, they're a black set of Nunchuk and Wiimote (with Wii motion plus included, which I'm gonna need for Zelda) and a really pretty blue Dualshock 3. I didn't buy an extra Xbox 360 controller because I already have 3 of them. I'm also waiting for Amazon to ship my LBP 2 collector's edition and yesterday I made an other for 4 guides for Wii games: Metroid Other M and Prime Trilogy, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I got Kirby's one because it was only 10 bucks and I don't think I'm ever gonn have this oportunity again. Now I want to buy guides for Muramasa, Twilight Princess, Fallout 3 and Halo Reach.


Wave Race 64 Southern Island on EXPERT difficulty

Last race: Southern Island

This track is amazing because the water levels gets lowered every lap which makes it different every time you go through it.

In the video, my camera battery died halfway through lap 6 so I couldnt record it all. I ended up winning the race which got me a perfect run of the championship (8 wins).

Wave Race 64 Glacier Coast on EXPERT difficulty

Seventh race: Glacier Coast

Usually considered the hardest track in the game. Riding through it with M.Jeter is no challenge because of his maneuvering abilities.

Wave Race 64 Twilight City on EXPERT difficulty

Sixth race: Twilight City

Though pretty, this track is a bit boring. I've never liked it a lot because it doesn't offer many challenges.

Wave Race 64 Port Blue on EXPERT difficulty

Fifth race: Port Blue

This is probably the best track in the game. On expert difficulty you're forced to go through a really narrow section which I rode through perfectly until I lost concentration in lap 5.

Wave Race 64 Marine Fortress on EXPERT difficulty

Fourth race: Marine Fortress

This track is usually pretty tricky because of the violent waves and hard turns but I've memorized it over the years. I got a couple of lap records in this run.

Wave Race 64 Drake Lake on EXPERT difficulty

Third race: Drake Lake

This track is pretty cool and quiet except for the last sector which can be pretty tricky in expert and reverse.

Wave Race 64 Sunset Bay on EXPERT difficulty

Second race: Sunset Bay.

I usually do pretty good in this track while riding with M.Jeter but in the videos my two first laps were "disasterrific" as Rikku would say. I won the race anyway somehow.

Wave Race 64 Sunny Beach on EXPERT difficulty

This is the first race in the Wave Race 64 Championship: Sunny Beach!

I almost lost this one and had to "cheat" by missing on purpose to overtake D.Mariner.


Duke Nukem 3D Level 1 Gero

This is a video of one of my friends playing through the first level in Duke Nukem 3D. He really loves that game.

Wave Race 64 videos coming up!

I just video taped some videos of me playing Wave Race 64 on the Wii (Virtual Console version). It's one video for each race and they're pretty cool. I'd love to have a capture card for these things but for now I'm gonna have to upload my gaming videos by actually video taping my TV.

I'm uploading the videos to youtube right now and I'll try to have all eight of them up tomorrow saturday.


Donkey Kong Country Returns 100% run is go!

I started my 100% run of DKCR. I decided to try one stage of every level at a time to avoid having all the factory and volcano levels at the end of the run. In fact, I might do the same thing I did when I 100%ed Mario Galaxy 2. I could just try to complete the later levels first meaning the run would become easier as  go instead of the contrary (But in MG2 no matter what you did, the God damned Perfect Run was always the last star).

Some of the "jiggies" are very well hidden but if you have enough patience and just try everything at your disposal you'll find them. Patience is the key.

I also tried the Virtual Console version of Majora's Mask I bought on Christmas, which I didn't try before for some reason. I love the N64's emulator on the Wii. I have my console plugged with a component cable on a Sony Bravia HDTV and the N64 games looks very good on it. Of course they show age but they have AA and the framerate looks very smooth on the two games I bought (Wave Race and Majora's Mask).

I saw a couple of demo videos for OoT 3DS and the game looks amazing on the console, I want to do a run of some Zelda games before obtaining that thing. I might do Majora along with Twilight Princess.

Banjo-Kazooie creepypasta (parts 1 and 2)

I remember playing these games called Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie when I was a teenager. I had great fun with them and finished their stories so many times that I actually memorized them. But a few years ago when the Xbox and PS2 came out I had to sell my N64 and all the cartridges with it. A week ago I was reading a cool article about classic platformers and Banjo-Kazooie was mentioned. Nostalgia attacked me and I felt the urge to play it again. Since I’m all legal about this stuff I called a friend and asked her to lend me her N64, she said yes but she didn’t have the game so I decided to buy it online in a website that’s just like the eBay from my country.

I usually visit the N64 page on it but I never actually saw BK, strangely enough. The 3rd article in the first page of the N64 catalog had this picture of a BK cartridge but the sticker on it seemed faded and kind of broken, I clicked on it.
The article didn’t have any description or any messages like the usual “I’m selling (name) on (this) condition for (number) dollars”. There was only a sentence saying something like “You can come and pick it up whenever you want”. The price of the game was around 2 dollars so I decided to make the offer. Around 10-15 seconds later I get an email on my phone, it had an address and the same picture of the BK cartridge was attached, I replied asking if I could go pick it up the next day at 10am but the message was never delivered. I didn’t really care at the moment.

The next day I decided to just go to the place. It was a street full of old houses, the one in the address seemed kind of… abandoned but there were some weird flower bouquets around it and the door to the front garden was opened so I decided to just go in and knock on the door. I didn’t get any answer after around 5 minutes and a couple of tries but then I noticed there were a wooden table and a chair in the house’s entrance. On the table was a small box with a piece of paper with the handwritten message “For Mike” on it. I picked it up and the game was inside. At the moment I just thought the owner was not there and just left the game there for me to pick up so I left the coins in the same table and took the game home.

When I arrived to my place I put the game in the N64 and turned it on. The intro started as usual but the song Banjo, Kazooie, Tooty and Mumbo play was completely different, it sounded kind of glitchy and there were some Jinjo sounds in the background sounding glitched as well. I didn’t mind and just went to the menu. In it the 3rd file was used, the player had 99 jiggies and all notes. Since I wanted to mess around the levels first I decided to play that old file. Now, I remember the game always starting up in the first room of Gruntilda’s Lair but strangely enough, this file started with Banjo standing in the big table with the ghost in Mad Monster’s Mansion.

Before I could even move the ghost talked to me in the usual BK way, this face appeared in the lowest part of the screen and text started to show up, there was no sound to his voice however and the text kind of freaked me out. It said something like “The evil ones are watching the bear and bird, must escape.” I seriously don’t remember this ever happening in BK, I moved around a little, Banjo and Kazooie made no sounds at all, no matter which move I used. I paused the game and noticed the missing jiggy was in Rusty Bucket’s Bay and this player had all eggs and the ice key from the SnS thing. I moved around MMM and there were no enemies at all, Mumbo was not in his hut. The only NPC there was the ghost (even the toilet wasn’t there). I started to think this was just a hacked pirated cartridge and was a little disappointed to be honest. I decided to go to Gruntilda’s Lair. 

Just like in MMM, the lair had no enemies but I noticed something really creepy. It was a mirror version of it, left and right were flipped and the paintings you used to open the levels were all replaced by pictures of the common enemies you encounter in the game lying in the ground (just like they are when you kill them and they disappear) There were different ones: carrots from Spiral Mountain, crabs from Clanker’s Cavern, etc. There was no music but something like the wind was emitting a really scary sound. Every once in a while Snacker would talk but the text would appear really glitched, the only thing I could read was “100 jigsaw pieces to swop”. I was starting to get both scared and confused but I went to Rusty Bucket’s Bay anyway.

The game crashed a couple times on my way to the level but on my 3rd try I managed to get inside, the water around the ship was all red, like it was blood and the ship textures were changed to something like wood, the ship was made of wood. Some strange music started to play and it took me a few seconds to notice it was an extremely slow and low-pitched version of the normal song from the level. The door that is usually closed at the end of the level was opened but every time I tried to swim to it Snacker would spawn really close and kill me in one bite (in which Banjo would make a really loud scream no matter what volume my TV was on). After resetting the console a few times after dying (I would not respawn) I thought that maybe the missing jiggy was the one in the engine room, that jiggy is usually the hardest one to get in the entire game for everyone.

Once I got Banjo to the engine room, I saw the missing jiggy on it, but the place was different, there were blades literally everywhere and some of them were moving too fast even after pressing the switch to slow them down. There were a lot of screams sounding, like the ones people make when they’re in a lot of physical pain. It was quite disturbing so I muted the TV, but after a few seconds the sounds started to come back. After this I was completely scared, but something stopped me from turning the console off. I thought about it and wanted to do it but I just didn’t, instead, I went and tried to reach the last jiggy. Snacker talked to me again and between the glitched text I could barely read “bear and bird will not make it, suffering forever” after his face disappeared I could clearly listen to the common sounds the jinjos make when you save them (Jinjooo… wheeeee!) I was really scared so I started jumping making my way to the jiggy while avoiding being killed by the moving blades. Somehow, I made it. Banjo and Kazooie grabbed the last jiggy but the animation never appeared. This time, Snacker spoke to me again but I could not understand anything he said…

After trying to go back to Gruntilda’s Lair by myself, I died in the engine room at RBB and the game crashed a few times again. For some reason, I didn’t take to opportunity to stop playing; I just kept resetting the console. Once I was back at the Lair I made my way to where the board game happened to see if I could fight the witch and take a look at the video of Mumbo showing the SnS items. Gruntilda was there laughing a lot. It was kind of disturbing this time, she invited me to the game and explained the rules as usual but once she asked me the first thing I literally jumped from my seat… the question was “When are you going to tell her it pisses you off?”. The night before I had an argument with my girlfriend about the guy she was dating before me, I’m really jealous so I get pissed every time she says “hello” to him, I’ve never told her but the game somehow knew, and it was way too accurate for it to be a coincidence. 

One of the answers to choose from was “probably never”, which is actually the correct one so I chose it and the “correct” sound was heard. After that, Gruntilda kept asking me stuff about my personal life. Stuff like “Are you ever going to work on your project?” “Will you cook that thing you want tomorrow?” and things like that, they were pretty random questions about stuff that have been happening to me but trust me, it was scary as hell. When I reached the last square and question, the witch laughed again and said something like “I will just let the bear and bird continue on but they do not possess the tools to emerge victorious, bear and bird cannot swop” Then, she just made her broom appear and went out flying… I continued to make my way to where she changes bodies with Tooty after a game over. 

Tooty was there with the animation she uses when she’s scared. The music here was that of Gruntilda’s Lair but it sounded slower and low-pitched, just like the one from RBB. When I talked to her, she didn’t say anything; just some “…” appeared. I couldn’t do anything in the room. I was going to leave but just as I was about to exit the room she talked to me. It was her voice and the speech bubble had her face but to be honest, it didn’t really feel like something Tooty was saying, instead, I felt it was a message from the previous player in that weird and scary game file. It said “You are in danger, get rid of this. The only way to be free is to take the message to Tooie” I realized that just like this BK cartridge was… cursed. There was a Banjo-Tooie one as well, and I needed to take items from BK to BT to deliver a message to something or someone in the other game. After this, the game crashed again.


Test from the Wii

Posting from my Wii. This browser is actually better than the PS3's...

Dead or Alive Dimension impressions

When I woke up today a couple new videos for DOAD were up on Tecmo's facebook page. A gameplay one which is insanely great and a second one revealing a stage inspired in Metroid: Other M (And probably a logical replacement for the Spartan character from DOA4).

The gameplay video is simply perfect, it shows several fights between a lot of characters including Kasumi, Ayane, Jann Lee doing his amazing punch combo from DOA4, Kokoro wearing the kimono we all wanted in DOA4, Eliot, Genfu, Brad Wong, Bass, etc. It looks like all the guys from the xbox 360 will be available plus Raidou. The game is reusing stages from DOA 2, 3 and 4 which is great because all three of them had amazing environments to fight in and I'd love to play in those again.

It looks like the game is gonna run perfectly on the 3DS, Team Ninja already warned us that using the 3D feature will reduce the framerate from 60 to 30 but to be honest it's not a problem for me since I'm most likely gonna play my "serious" matches without the 3D anyway. Also the graphics look incredible, better than a PSP but a little worse than DOA4 which is obvious. But still, the game seems like it's going to be great. It's definitely a day-1 purchase for me.

The second trailer showed Kasumi and Hayabusa fighting inside the room where Samus fights Ridley in Metroid: Other M. The monster shoots fireballs at the stage which I'm sure are gonna be like the cars and cheetas from DOA4 (mid punches running around the stage, like my old friend X Dest used to say). At the end of the trailer Samus in "sphere mode" jumps in. This doesn't actually confirm anything but people are already speculating that this means Samus will be a guest character to replace the Master Chief since he unfortunately cannot join the 3DS because he is a Microsoft character. Samus would be a great guest character in the game and it she gets the Master Chief's moves then better yet, I just hope we'll be able to use her with the Zero-suit.

Changing subject. All these months I've been thinking DOAD and Ocarina (the two games I wanna start my 3DS collection with) are not gonna be available until at least June which is kinda lame because the console comes out at the end of march and that means I'd have to wait at least 2 months to get it. But it's probably better that way. I'll have more time to finish the endless mountain of unfinished games I already have and to save money for the games (I already saved enough cash for the console but not for the two games).



A Metroid: Other M stage in DOA Dimentions, looks like it has some kind of "ring out".


A fucking kick-ass trailer for DOA Dimentions. DAMN IT LOOKS AMAZING!

Gaming and me (part 1)

It all started when I was about 6 years old. My now-dead uncle bought me my NES with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. At the time, gaming was just another toy for me, just like the hot-wheels cars and action figures. But the magic started to appear in the SNES era (which was brought to me by the same uncle, now that I think of it). At first, my SNES gaming was pretty random with titles like “Turn and Burn” and Zelda. I loved Zelda but the game was just so hard for me at the time. It took me a lot of time to find out how to get out of Hyrule Castle. A classmate who’s still my friend once asked me to lend him my Zelda and I did, when he gave it back to me, the cartridge had a save-file with the name “Wampa” on it. He named his Link like that and finished the game with the help of his brother (help I’ve never been able to get because I’m an only child). From there on, he started to use the name “Wampa” as his nick for all things gaming. We’re still friends and we’re still gamers, the save file is still on the Zelda cartridge and I’m really happy for that.

After 2 or 3 years owning a SNES I finally got the chance to try the game Killer Instinct and everything about it was so perfect for me that it just hooked me up and I decided to actually become as good as possible in the game. This wasn’t my first fighting game. I also owned a copy of Mortal Kombat II but that one was there just for the fatalities and the blood. The real fighting experience was at Killer Instinct. I remember using Cinder as my main character at first, then I moved on to Sabrewulf because I discovered a few combos with him. And as I started to understand the game and becoming good at it by playing friends and the AI at higher difficulties I finally started to main Jago and Spinal which for me were impossible to use when I first got the game. I was so proud of this that when the N64 and the PSX came out I barely paid any attention to them. In fact there’s a tale about a peculiar trip to Margarita Island where I’ve always traveled with my family on holidays and vacations. 

There were arcade places everywhere and I remember playing at almost all of them until at one place called “PlayAventura” I met a bunch of people of about my age (some older) who were playing Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate. The way they played and talked about the techniques and abilities in the game got my attention pretty quickly and I decided to stop being a shy kid and go talk to them. I was very lucky because they were all friendly. I remember this guy named Oscar who decided to become my teacher in the game and started to train me with Robot Smoke (My main character in the game even now). The trip was going to be pretty long, about one month so I asked my dad to take me to that arcade every night to play with those kids. So every day was like this: wake up, breakfast, beach, come home, shower, lunch, go to the arcade, play, dinner, play, come home, sleep. 

I remember that after 5 or so days one of the employees at the arcade lowered the required coins at the MK3U machine for us to one (It usually required 3) so we could play much more. That is probably one of the best experiences in my life. The first time I actually got to hang out with gamers like me and play people on a good fighting game. I got pretty good at MK3U really fast. I even started to use other characters like Reptile, Striker and Kabal. My master Oscar was very proud of me and sometime he called me “pequeño saltamontes”. Those were great times. After that trip, the group never really got together again. I saw some of the guys a few times but never like in Margarita. One day like 3 or 4 years after the MK3U trip I got a phone call from one of the guys named Alejandro who told me Oscar died on a car accident. I was very sad because of this and since we never knew where he lived or anything, we could never go to his funeral. We still remember him to this day as a great MK3U player and a great person overall.

            The years went by and I owned my N64 with a copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy among other games. Of course MKT was my most played game with KI on the SNES (yes I still played my SNES) until the great Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time arrived. That was the first time in my life I became hooked by Adventure games. I played them for hours and hours. My grades in school got really low and I was barely sleeping. My parents were really worried but since I’m an only child, there was really nothing else for me to have fun with. At the time my entire family was separated because of a fight between my parents and some aunts and uncles so I could never see my cousins and my class mates didn’t get along with me. Now days I understand that the problem was with me. I was extremely shy and had problems to speak to people. Only the Wampa guy and about 3 or 4 other boys were my friends but they liked to spend their free time playing soccer and hanging around with the girls at the time and I was never good at that. I was like 13 years old and the situation was like this until I was about 16.            

            So, to be honest. The only thing in the world that stopped me from a pretty bad depressed state was gaming. I remember my parents talking about the family problem almost every day, my mom was really sad about it and my dad angry and avoiding contact with my uncles and aunts. The only way to drag my attention away from that was by just walking around Hyrule in OoT or just doing random things in the world in Banjo-Kazooie. There were other games, but the most influential were those two. I got to the point where I finished both games so many times that I just wandered around the worlds doing random stuff and self-imposed challenges like speed-runs, beating bosses with deku sticks and things like that. It was great fun.

            When I reached my 4th year of high-school, my family started to solve their problems and things there started to look good. But my grades weren’t. I remember that my hype for Banjo-Tooie, Perfect Dark and Majora’s Mask was so insane that I literally didn’t think of anything else. There was even this girl I really liked from my classroom but since she was the most beautiful and popular I knew by default that she would never pay attention to someone like me so I just shielded myself behind gaming.

            When the PS2 came out. I asked my dad for one and he said he wanted to see my grades first. I was doing so bad at school that I knew he would never buy the console for me at launch so I just gave up about it after a few tries and just kept gaming on my N64. Until at another trip to Margarita at another arcade place I saw a Dead or Alive 2 machine and clearly remember watching two guys using Jann-Lee and Leifang playing it. I just fell in love with the game. I looked up the name on the internet (probably gamespot) and learned there were 2 versions of it: one for the dreamcast and one for the PS2. I immediately decided I had to buy both consoles. TO PLAY THE SAME GAME. When I finally graduated from high school my dad gave me a PS2 that Christmas with DOA2 Hardcore, Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 2. And with some money I was saving I managed to buy a pre-owned Dreamcast with DOA2, Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure.

            I was finally starting to play modern things, DOA2 was my new god. My main character was Jann-Lee at first and then I started playing a bit of Leifang, Hayabusa and Ein. Since my attitude in the first college I got into changed I made a lot of friends who just loved to go to my place and play DOA2 and Soul Calibur with me, and God am I grateful for that. I also joined a gaming online community which doesn’t exist now and posted a lot there. That was my first experience in an internet forum. The community was really great and we talked about almost everything. My English was polished there and I’ll always be grateful to the guys I knew there who are still my friends to this day. I’ve always wanted to organize a trip to the States to meet them. One of the members called “Hitman” once posted a really long article in a console wars thread. The Gamecube and the Xbox had been just released and of course, I already had my eye on the Xbox because of DoA3. But buying a new system was definitely no go at the time. To be honest I wasn’t completely sure about buying the Xbox at all since I already had the PS2 and Dreamcast and at the time I wasn’t an all-console gamer like I am now. But the article this guy posted showed small previews and screenshots of Xbox games like Dead or Alive 3, Halo, Morrowind, Knights of the Old Republic, Fable, etc. And he just convinced me. I decided to start saving money in any way I could to buy my Xbox until a few months later I managed to do it.

            When I went to a local store to get my system I had enough money for the Xbox and 2 games of my choice. Since I didn’t drive at the time, I went with my parents. Like everybody else I asked for DOA3 and Halo but they didn’t have them at the time. The employee told me the games were going to arrive about a week later and recommended me a few other titles. I had decided not to buy the console that day but my mom told me she would pay for a game so I could take the console that day and then they would take me to the store again the week after to get Halo and DOA3. I saw the games they had and one got my attention: Panzer Dragoon Orta. I immediately remembered the guys at the forum talking about it so I decided to take the Xbox with it.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 announcement

A few days ago several of the gaming websites I visit and follow on twitter had this new about Square-Enix trademarking the website or something like that. I thought it could be possible for the company to actually release a direct sequel to a FF game again. When I woke up today, the first thing I saw on my timeline was that SE actually went and announce FFXIII-2. I turned on my laptop and watched the european official website (which has zero content) and a leaked trailer in youtube. The trailer actually looks very cool. It shows Lightning wearing some kind of armor like the one Sophitia wears in Soul Calibur, the music is VERY GOOD and it ends with a guy/girl appearing behind Lightning and both of them starting a fight.

To be honest, I'm pretty excited now about this because I'm one of the very few who actually enjoyed FFXIII a lot. Though I truly believe the game is a bit too linear even on the development of the character's skills. The game is simply great in almost every aspect. I wrote a review for it a few months ago and will upload it here in the blog once I finish this entry.

It pisses me off a little when people bash FF13 for being "too linear" (which it is) because FFX was just as linear and I really don't remember anyone bitching about it back then. Really, in FFX you do exactly the same things. Walk in a straight line, shop for items, fight random encounters and bosses and watch a really cool story. But with FFX no one bitched about the linearity of the game. So for me, FF13 getting all that hate is a bit unfair. It's probably because people were really expecting it to be the next FFVII after waiting for five years for it to be released.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited now about this new entry to the FF series and will keep a close eye on every info out there about it. The game is gonna be released this winter for the PS3 and Xbox 360 but I'm pretty sure I'll buy it for the PS3. Also, a new trailer for Versus was released today as well, gameplay was FINALLY shown and it looks like it's gonna be played like Kingdom Hearts. Which surprisingly from me, looks good. Now that I think about it I don't know anything about a release date for it but I'm sure this one is exclusive for the PS3 so I'll end up with all three FFXIIIs on the same console (and all of them will get platinums of course).

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword E3 2010 Official Trailer HD

Holy shit dude, I can't wait to play Zelda.

GoldenEye 007 Wii: Hero Mode Gameplay

A pretty cool gameplay video of GoldenEye Wii, I've never actually seen this game in any store. Might put it in my wishlist.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Gameplay Trailer [HD]

A great trailer for DKCR after I wrote the review.


REVIEW: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Donkey Kong Country is finally back on the Nintendo Wii after 2 and a half entire gaming generations and it’s simply amazing in every possible way. This time the game is developed by Retro Studios, the guys behind the famous Metroid Prime trilogy, instead of Rare who also made Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and other famous franchises.

DKCR is a 2D platformer like the classic ones, you can play it either solo or with a friend in cooperative mode, in which one player will control Donkey Kong and the second one will play as Diddy Kong. In single player, you get to use both at the same time (Diddy rides on Donkey’s back providing rocket jumps). The game is missing the iconic Kremlings that have always been DK’s signature enemies. So that means, no kick-ass boss fight with King K. Rool at the end. This time around the enemies are the “Tiki tribe” a bunch of beings made of wood who look like voodoo masks and they hypnotize animals in DK island to get them to steal bananas for some reason. This, of course, pissed DK off and he sets out on a journey around the island to kick ass once again.

The game is extremely inspired on the first DKC for the SNES, providing pretty much the same kind of environments. You will have several maps available in the island each with a name like “Jungle, Beach, Factory, Caves, etc” and each one has around 7 to 10 stages. One of the great things about the game is that every stage in every map is different, meaning you’ll get stages with common platforming, the iconic mine cart levels, you will bounce on springs, escape from a danger chasing the apes, swing on vines, etc etc. Now, unlike most present Nintendo games, DKCR is very hard. You will die a LOT. To get around the levels is just a matter of trial-and-error and memorizing what you see in every stage but the game gets pretty hard as you go by, it’s not impossible but it can get a little frustrating. So it’s not really recommended for the casual crowd the Wii is usually aimed to.

In terms of graphics, the game looks very good (for the Wii’s standards). There is nothing really impressive about the graphics themselves but they’re not bad. In fact, the models for Donkey and Diddy on Smash Bros Brawl look better than the ones on DKCR but again, there’s nothing bad about the graphics in here. The best things about the visuals are the environments and how the game handles them for gameplay purposes. It’s really common to see objects in the background interacting with the level itself, example: a bunch of pirate ships will shoot cannonballs at you in the beach levels, you’ll have to avoid getting crushed by debris from a mountain collapsing in the background in the caves levels and things like that. You’ll even see a familiar face in one of the factory levels just chilling in the background.

Probably one of the best things in this game is the soundtrack, especially if you played and like the first game from the SNES trilogy. They’re pretty much the same songs remixed in many ways including jazz and techno versions of known DK songs. I really recommend getting the OST since it’s truly one of the best in the entire console along with both Mario Galaxy games. The sound effects are also very well made, especially for the levels. Everything emits a sound: wind, lava, water, objects falling down, etc. Most of them are cartoony but they fit perfectly with the game. One of the let-downs can be the lack of voice acting, but then again, the only Nintendo franchises with it are Star Fox and now Metroid so I personally think that the apes speaking would have ruined the experience.

Gameplay-wise the game is simple as far as actions go. I played the entire game using both the Wiimote and Nunchuk. If you play that way you control DK with the analog stick, jump with the A button and hit the ground with your palms by moving both controllers up and down (this wasn’t well received by the public but to be honest, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly). If you’re running and move either control up or down, DK will roll on the ground providing the opportunity to make a longer jump which you will need a LOT of times to survive. If you’re carrying Diddy on DK’s back you’ll be able to hover for a couple seconds using his rocket backpacks by holding the A button in the air. You can also duck by pressing down on the control stick and blow by moving the Wiimote while crouching. Those are pretty much all the actions in the game. You can, of course, press switches and interact with objects like the usual barrels.

Each stage offers the usual four KONG letters scattered around it which you need to find in all the stages in a map in order to unlock a hard-as-hell extra level. Also, each one has from 5 to 9 puzzle pieces very well hidden around. If you manage to find all the “jiggies” in a stage you’ll unlock some concept art or image in a gallery. In all, the game offers tons of items to find and stuff to unlock. As expected, at the end of every map there is a boss battle waiting for you and to be honest, they’re not very good. It’s usually some hypnotized animal running around and you have to jump over it a few times after avoiding some attacks to kill it. The bosses in the SNES trilogy were much better than on the Wii.

            DKCR is probably my favorite Wii game now; I like it more than Mario Galaxy and Muramasa (my old favorites for the console). It offers infinite amount of hours of gameplay since the game can be pretty different if you play it with a friend in Co-op, and the amount of hidden items on it guarantee at least 40 hours of endless platforming, jumping, swinging and dying (lots of dying). The game is 100% recommended especially for that huge hardcore crowd that waited for years for a great DK game after the SNES trilogy.

Graphics and Visual Effects:………….8
Music and Sound Effects:……………..9
Replay Value:………………………….10
Final Score:……………………………9.25

PS3/360 『ファイナルファンタジーXIII-2』 PV

PS3 『ファイナルファンタジー ヴェルサスXIII』 最新PV

2k11 wish list

Uncharted 3 (PS3)
DiRT 3 (any console)
Ninja Gaiden 3 (Probably for PS3)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)
Forza 4 (360)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (any console)
Tomb Raider (any console)
Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
Dissidia Duodecim (PSP)
Ocarina of Time (3DS)
Dead or Alive Dimentions (3DS)
Resistance 3 (PS3)
Sorcery (PS3)
The Last Guardian (PS3)
Ico & SOTC (PS3)

Those are the ones I remember right now, will probably update it soon. It's amazing how the 360 and Wii aren't getting many cool games this year.

Colin McRae: Dirt 3 - Audi Quattro Gameplay (HD 720p)

Advertising for the blog, a good idea¿

I'm starting to plan some really cool things for this blog. One of the obvious ones is fill it the reviews for games I play, maybe put some for older games (some months old, maybe a year) but I'd LOVE to get a capture card to be able to upload videos of ME playing stuff on both youtube and the blog for people to see. If I start working on those plans, which I will tomorrow with a couple reviews. I'd like to have some followers, so I'm wondering if doing some advertising would be a good idea...

Maybe something simple like posting the url of the blog in some famous gaming websites like kotaku, gamespot and maybe a couple forums like the RWP. I'll give it some thought and will probably end up doing it anyway. Let's hope things work in here.

Plans for future reviews

Since I won't have to go to class tomorrow and wednesday I'll take the opportunity to write reviews for DKCR and F1 2010. I'd start them right now but it's 2:38 am and I'm watching a new tv channel I just discovered about tourism (Sun Channel) in latin america and the US.

Even though I truly believe the score is not what really determines if a game is good or not I can't help wonder what scores will both games get from me, I'm pretty sure DKCR will end up with at least 8.5 while F1 2010 might get a 8. I'll see tomorrow and wednesday once I have both reviews written. Also, now that I have the blog I might take advantage of its features and upload a couple of gameplay videos and trailers for the games in case I start getting followers.

Mario Kart 64 didn't age very well

I have this cool group of friends at collegue who plug a N64 in one stand that sells candy and drinks. The place has a couple of TVs where people normally sit and watch football games and shit, we took one of the tvs for ourselves and have been using it for gaming in our free hours ever since. We mostly play Smash Bros on it but lately we've been engaging Mario Kart 64 and today we played a little GoldenEye.

The case of MK64 is quite funny because I remember it as a great racing game but to be honest it's not very good. It's probably because I'm just way too used to today's standards when it comes to racing games but I normally never care about old games not aging very well. The game doesn't really work well IMO, the sprites, gameplay, item selection and tracks are a little bad. Now that I remember most of my friends who play and know about Mario Kart usually say 64 is the worst in the entire series (worse than the SNES one).

Changing topics, I'm like totally addicted to a remix I found of the song "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country. It's posted below so everyone can listen to it. I recommend downloading the mp3 version the creator gives in his youtube profile. Sounds much better than the video version because of youtube's audio compression.


Too late for me to create gaming music¿

I've liked gaming music more than normal music for a far as I can remember and I've always dreamt about creating it. But since I'm a coward with many things I never actually did. Now that I'm 25 and really don't know shit about creating music it's probably too late for it. But now that I remember there's this kind-of-cheap keyboard at the local Casio stores that I might buy, it costs pretty much the same as two of th videogames I normally buy and it could be a cool addition to my electronics and with it I could actually try and play some of the gaming songs I like and who knows... maybe create something someday¿

I'll give it a thought...

I fell in love with Donkey Kong Country (again)

I finally went a picked DKCR up again, I started the factory level and WOW... holy shit, everything was just spectacular, the enviroments, music, level design, EVERYTHING. I fell in love with the game again and now I'm totally sure I'll 100% it. Tomorrow I'll start level 8, the magma world which looks like it's the last one.

Virtua Racing Comparison (Genesis vs 32X vs Saturn vs PS2)

Industrial Hysteria - remix of Fear Factory by David Wise

What an amazing remix of Fear Factory


TRU Platinum done!

I finally obtained the platinum trophy for Tomb Raider Underworld, the game is pretty good but as I already mentioned, the PS3 version is quite shitty. I totally recommend enjoying that modest title on the 360. From now on my PS3 will be used solely for fun and games and not for trophy whoring.

Tomorrow (today) I will be back into Donkey Kong Country Returns which I seriously want to 100%... that's pretty much it, nothing really interesting to talk about today besides me and my friends taking a N64 to college but I'll actually write a cool article about it tomorrow along with my progress in DKCR.


Platinum trophies will ruin my gaming experience

As every gamer nowdays knows, the PS3 offers this great feature similar to the Xbox 360's achievements, but unlike the 360, every PS3 retail game offers a final challenge: getting the platinum trophy. We get the platinum when we unlock all the other trophies in a game and you can show that to pretty much everyone in the world of the PlayStation Network. In my personal and humble opinion, getting trophies is more rewarding than getting achievements because even if you get MOST of the trophies in a game, if you don't get them all, you will never unlock the platinum one. While in the 360, every game offers a around 1000 points worth of achievements but since they stack up, you can create a huge gamescore by getting 500-600 points in several games and not actually getting all achievements in said game.

In my personal case, I currently own seven platinum trophies: Ratchet & Clank ACIT, DiRT 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2 and Sly 1 & 2. I'm currently working on Tomb Raider Underworld as my platinum number eight and it's curious because I already played this game on the 360 and got around 950 gamerpoints on it. I didn't get all 1000 because one achievement required me to go and find all 179 treasures in the game which I was not gonna do for a mere 50 gamerpoints. BUT, on the PS3 I want the platinum so I'm forzed to hunt down the god damned 179 treasures in the game. There are several cases of games I LOVE on the 360 but I didn't get all their 1000 points, example: in DIRT 1 I have 975 points, in Forza 3 around 800 just like Banjo Nuts & Bolts, I have around 600 points in Dead or Alive 4 which is my favorite 360 game. The 360 lacks the motivation to get the hard achievements because you can simply get the same ammount of points by getting another new game.

Now, I have several friends who are trophy whores, one of them has 51 platinum and the other two around 25 each. While I'd like to race them to see who gets more platinum trophies by the end of the generation I have to take a vital aspect into consideration: those friend ONLY OWN THE PS3, while I fortunately own every other console including the portable ones and I've got a good bunch of amazing games for each one of them. I really don't want to forget that I have those amazing titles on the Wii, 360, PSP and DS just for doing something quite silly as hunting platinum trophies, of course I'll keep doing it. Enslaved (which is amazing) and other games are on my to-do list but I'm pretty sure I'd rather just play the games and enjoy the true aspects that have to be enjoyed about them. Like graphics, gameplay, musics, enviroments and storylines and play silly games just to hunt down stupid trophies.

Seriously, I'm gonna get TRU and Enslaved because I already started them but from now on, it's just enjoying the actual games.


Tomb Raider Underworld for the PS3 sucks

I played TRU on the 360 when it first came out like 2 years ago and to be quite honest, I liked the game a LOT, I even made me buy Legend and Anniversary which I also enjoyed. Now I bought Underworld again for the PS3 with the intention of platinuming it and god the PS3 version is horrible. It looks good graphically but it's totally filled with bugs and glitches everywhere. Enemies stay floating in the air when they're killed, Lara sometimes can't make jumps even when I'm sure I made the right button imputs and she sometimes stays frozen when walking over a stone or something like that. I'm currently at the beggining of the snow level. Once I get it's platinum I'm selling it.

I also played a little Uncharted 2 but today was not very good, I ended up negative in all matches except for 2 and the only Coop one I played was not very fun because of the map and my teammates. I was THISCLOSE to buying ModNation Racers today but I fought my game-buying instincts and won. I promised I would not buy any more games till the 3DS and LBP2 and I will fulfill the promise.


I started university again

Christmas break is over and between classes and gaming and a bit of laziness I didn't write anything here... Anyways, I platinumed Uncharted 2 a few days ago and Jesus Christ how I love that game. I bought its DLC and I'm enjoying the new maps and character models a whole lot. I also resumed my japanese studies yesterday because I really really want to keep doing it and eventually become trilingual. I don't think I'm gonna have 24/7 to gaming until at least the end of february but I'm gonna try to platinum Tomb Raider Underworld as fast as I can to sell it and keep the 360 version. I'm also doing Enslaved which (as I already mentioned) is pretty freaking amazing.

After I finish Enslaved and TRU I'm gonna keep the PS3's usage to F1, FIFA, Sports Champions, Uncharted 2 and Gran Turismo 5 and keep the story-finishing to the Wii and Xbox 360. I want to 100% Donkey Kong Country Returns but the game being hard made me stop playing it for a few days. I'm going back to it I promise.


Uncharted 2 almost ready for platinum

I never thought I would be able to do it in just one day but I emerged victorious. I got all treasures in the game by using an amazing video guide available in It took me almost an entire playthrough of the game and it was long. But I had a lot of fun doing it. I also took the opportunity to unlock the combat trophies I missed in my first two playthroughs of the game. The hardest one was killing 10 enemies in a row with a punch after damaging them with gunfire. I managed to do it in the Borneo chapter. Now the only trophy I'm missing for the platinum is the Crushing difficulty one which I'm gonna start tomorrow and try to finish it either on thrusday or friday.

I also played it's multiplayer mode for the first time and I liked it a lot. Specially the co-op mode. I had the most fun in one of Uncharted 1's maps playing with another two guys who were pretty good. Then I tried a competitive match against several high-leveled players and I actually did good. I think my favorite weapon is the FAL and the M4, I need to play it more.


Uncharted 2 second run is done

My second run of Uncharted 2 is over. I finished it on hard to get the storyline fresh again and took the opportunity to unlock several of the combat trophies I missed on the first run a year ago. Now I'm missing about 3-4 combat trophies and the treasure ones which I'll have to unlock via a "Chapter Select Run" with an online guide from

I used the check my dad gave me in Christmas and bought my girlfriend's presents plus three new games for myself. I got Enslaved (which I've been wanting for a while), Tomb Raider Underworld and MAG. My local store has this deal where if you buy 2 games of the same platform they give you a third one as a gift. I wanted to take advantage of the deal with Enslaved plus a cheap game but the cheapest one was Dark Void which according to the online reviews, it's pretty shitty so I thought it'd be better to just get Tomb Raider for the PS3 and unlock its trophies since I loved that game on the Xbox 360. Now that I have the same game twice I think I'll end up selling the 360 version. Need to make a graphics comparison and sell the worst one. So I paid for Enslaved and Tomb Raider and got MAG for free which I believe I'll never play to be honest. But it's still a cool addition to my collection.

Enslaved is simply amazing. Much better than I expected, the graphics on the PS3 look great. It's probably the best I've seen from the Unreal Engine on a console. I'm gonna love that game more than any God of War I can tell.... Little Big Planet 2 is coming this month and I'm officially broke. I need to pay a LOT of stuff from my credit card which I have no idea how I'm gonna do so I'm most likely not gonna be able to get it on the first two or three weeks. After that I decided not to buy any more games until the 3DS comes out. I have about 40 games I haven't finished and I'll honor them. Besides, every good game in 2011 will come out almost by next Christmas, except LBP2, Mass Effect 2 (PS3) and Dissidia Duodecim... and of course. The 3DS games.