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"New" Final Fantasy figures!

I got all these figures about two weeks ago in a big shipment I bought from Amazon. As you all know, I'm extremely hooked into Dissidia 012 (that's basically why I haven't been able to post that much, that and university) so I just went and bought some figures from the FF series that I wanted. 

From the Dissidia series I wanted to buy Terra and Bartz because they're two of my favorite characters, I also wanted Cloud in his FF7 outfit because the one I have is wearing the Advent Children costume. So, since Bartz only comes in a pack of five figures I'm not really interested in (he comes with Firion, Cecil and others) I went and ordered Terra and Cloud. Here are the pics

I know the pics aren't very good but the truth is that these two won't come out of their blisters, at least not anytime soon. Something tells me that these figures will be worth a fortune in some years, specially if Square-Enix decided to turn Dissidia into a complete series and they keep releasing new products from it (which is what's most likely going to happen) so Terra and Cloud are staying like that.

Besides those two, I ordered the three characters I liked the most from FF13: Lightning, Snow and Vanille. They were in my Amazon wishlist for quite some time and when I noticed they started to get more and more expensive I ordered them. Lightning alone was about 42 dollars... but in my opinion, it was worth it. The figures are amazing. Pics:

With these three, I'm still trying to decide if I open them or not. They'd look incredibly good together with my other figures but I also feel that I should leave them closed because the truth is that they're becoming quite rare and in a few years a trio of FF13 Play Arts Kai could be worth hundreds of dollars. Still, I'm gonna try to decide what to do with them in the following days... 


DOA Dimensions update

I've been spending the day playing some online matches in DOA Dimensions. So far, my favorite characters are Helena and Jann Lee which is kind of logical given that they were my favorite from DOA3 and 4. I'm doing great in it with 56 wins and 0 loses so far. All my opponents seem to be players new to the series because most of them didn't have any idea what they were doing so I won easily. I want to climb up the ranks to play good people now.

I already started to experience problems when my opponents just spam the mid-hit holds so I'm forced to play Jann Lee and Helena focusing on high and low strikes but that's probably better so I avoid spamming mid-hits. I also have to admit that I'm finding difficulties getting used to the small control pad the 3DS offers but other than that, everything in the game has been great so far.

Now I'm just going to spend the rest of the Sunday in FFV and DiRT 3 while I upload some new Dissidia 012 videos which will of course be here in the blog.


Dead or Alive Dimensions and DiRT 3 are here!

I finally got the two games I was looking forward to: Dead or Alive Dimensions for the 3DS and DiRT 3 for the PS3! The games are simply incredible, DOA looks amazing on the 3DS though I have to admit that I was used to seeing DOA graphics in home consoles being the best of the best (for their time) so looking at a DOA game in a handheld console is a bit weird. 

The game modes are very entertaining and all the characters seem to have the movesets from DOA4 which is great. Right now I'm trying to get used to Helena, Ryu and Jann Lee though Kasumi is tempting me. There are a couple gameplay mechanic changes that I don't like but I'll elaborate about that in another article about the game.

DiRT 3 is incredibly good as well, the graphics are much better than DiRT 2's and I seriously didn't though Codemasters could do this, I tried some rally, rallycross and gymkana events and wow, the game is a blast, Codies did it again. But I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever release a GRID 2...


Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Sephiroth vs Warrior of...

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Prishe vs Tifa

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Prishe vs Laguna

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Prishe vs Firion

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Onion Knight vs Golbez

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Gilgamesh vs Gabranth

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Gabranth vs Prishe

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Shantotto vs Vaan

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Warrior of Light vs Bartz

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Ultimecia vs Gilgamesh

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Ultimecia vs Warrior of...


Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Gabranth vs Terra

My second Dissidia 012 video featuring a cool fight between Gabranth from FFXII (me) and Terra from FFVI (cpu).


Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy gameplay - Garland vs Cloud Strife

I found something in Dissidia 012 that made me fall in love with the game even more. You can save your battle replays and convert them to .avi so you can watch them in your PC. I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME.

So, I've been saving a few random battles and plan to fill my youtube channel (and the blog) with Dissidia 012 gameplay videos. This first one is Garland from FF1 fighting Cloud from FF7 in the FF1 stage with FF10's battle music. Geez...



Final Fantasy V has started

I have something to admit as the huge FF fan that I am: I have never played Final Fantasy V. I've owned the GBA version for some years now and I even had the PS1 version with the save bug in my hands but for some reason I never finished the game. That is about to change because I finally started my GBA version of FFV and I'm 100% in love with it. 

From what I see, FFV is like a 2D version of FFX-2 (gameplay-wise). You have four characters: Bartz, Lenna, Fairs and Galuf and they have access to an incredible amount of jobs, all with their own abilities that can even be shared between them, example, you can use a Knight able to throw items like the Ninjas or a Monk able to cast white magic (Like Prishe from FFXI). Meaning that the possibilities are pretty much, unlimited. 

For a game as old as FFV, the battle system is surprisingly complex and that is a great thing because I didn't want it to be as simple as FF1, but then again, this came after IV which is considered the real beginning of the serious FF games. The story is (so far) very simple, with a group of adventurers led by Bartz traveling around the world trying to protect the elemental crystals seen in many other games from the series from an evil being.

One of the things I like about it outside the battles is that the game doesn't take itself very seriously and there are several spots here and there where the game tries to be funny (Like when Bartz and Galuf find out Faris is actually a woman) and though they don't have much character development, the characters are likable and none of them is annoying. I'm really excited to try out every job (except the Blue Mage) and see what they offer. So far my favorite ones are the Monk and Mystic Knight but that could easily change. I'm also extremely eager to fight Gilgamesh in the Big Bridge, one of the most iconic moments in Final Fantasy and I've never played through that!

I finished Dissidia 012's story!

After about a month of extreme dedication, I finally finished the main storylines in Dissidia 012. I am completely in love with this game, thing that I really never expected to happen. Because of this game, my 3DS is inside a closet just lying around, waiting for DOA Dimensions to come out. 

Dissidia 012 has two storylines; one is called "Scenario 012" and features the new playable characters: Kain, Tifa, Laguna, Yuna, Vaan and Lightning. After you finish that one, you unlock "Scenario 013" which is basically the main storyline of the first game where you use each of the protagonists from the first ten FF games, from the Warrior of Light, to Tidus. 

Now, there are a couple more things to do in the game story-wise. One is "Scenario 000" where you take a party of five characters of your choice (including the villains) and fight the hardest gateways in the game, and then the Reports which explain "plot holes" from the game and part of the prequels featuring Shantotto, Prishe, Gabranth and the Warrior of Light.

But before that I'm just going to mess around with every character and try to level them up a bit so I can take full advantage of what they offer. My three favorite characters are Terra, Yuna and Bartz but I'm seriously starting to love Garland, Gabranth, Warrior of Light and even Squall (which is surprisingly good given that his game is hated by me). I like Gabranth's style because he requires a full EX gauge to use his abilities to the maximum.

So, that means that even after DOA Dimensions and DiRT 3 come out, I'll keep playing Dissidia 012 because to be honest, the game surprised me, it's one of my favorite titles from the generation and my top favorite PSP game.


My roster for Dissidia 3

Even though Dissidia 012 just came out a few weeks ago, I can't help but imagine what other characters from the series would be good to have in a hypothetical third entry in the series. With the new entries in Duodecim, some of the games have three characters while others have two. So to balance things, I'd try to give a new character per game and in my opinion it should be something like this:

Final Fantasy I:  

- I'd actually leave this one with just the Warrior of Light and Garland. The game didn't actually have any characters and hell, the WoL himself was created specifically for Dissidia since the original game had no protagonist.

Final Fantasy II: LEON

- Leon was kind of an important character in FF2 and the fact that he actually had character development in the game would make him a good entry in Dissidia. I'd align him with Chaos originally but then he would move into Cosmos' army.

Final Fantasy III: XANDE

- Xande is the real antagonist in FF3, I can't explain why the Cloud of Darkness is there but anyway. Xande would make a great addition to Chaos' army since he didn't get any new fighters in Duodecim.

Final Fantasy IV: RYDIA

- Rydia would definitely be the best addition from FFIV. Just like Cecil and Kain, she would be aligned with Cosmos and gameplay-wise, I'd create some mix between Terra's spells and Yuna's summons.

Final Fantasy V: FARIS

- Faris would probably be a good character for the game, her gameplay style would allow her to change jobs on the go (Like Lightning's Paradigms) with something like Warrior, Black Mage and Ranger to allow her to do melee, ranged physical attacks and spells.

Final Fantasy VI: LOCKE

- Besides Terra, Locke is one of the most important heroes in FF6. Celes is great as well but that would leave us with another girl casting spells. Locke would be somewhat of a mix between the Onion Knight, Zidane and Tidus. He'd be using daggers to fight with great speed and evasiveness but he wouldn't be good from a distance since he's a thief.


- I actually have two ideas for a new character representing FF7. Vincent has his own game and would be a great addition to Cosmos' side, in gameplay he would mix gunshots with materia spells to attack from a distance and in EX Mode he would be able to transform into any of the monsters he used in the games. On the other hand, Reno got insane popularity from his appearance in Advent Children. He'd be aligned with Chaos and the other villains would make a lot of fun of him. He could be a melee fighter with fast hits of his stick and kicks a-la Jecht and in EX-Mode He could call Rude to destroy his opponent with the helicopter from the movie.

Final Fantasy VIII: SEIFER

- For me, Seifer would be the best addition from FF8. He'd obviously be aligned with Chaos but to keep his style different from Squall. I'd give him more ranged attacks like spells and maybe the ability to call a GF or two.

Final Fantasy IX: VIVI

- Seriously, Vivi NEEDS to be in Dissidia. I'd make him like a magician version of the Onion Knight, with insanely fast spell combos from mid-range and slower ones for long-range. He'd be able to cast pretty much every element from the original FF9

Final Fantasy X: SEYMOUR

- I really can't explain why Square used Jecht in the first place when Seymour was the antagonist, just like in FF3 with Xande. Anyway, it's time for Seymour to get in Dissidia. He should be a mage with the ability to summon objects to throw them at his enemies, to keep him different from Exdeath, Golbez, Kuja and others.

Final Fantasy X-2: RIKKU

- Even though X-2 is not one of the mothership titles, Rikku is so freaking popular among the FF players (and female cosplayers who aren't fat) that she could fit into Dissidia's fanservice perfectly. She should be aligned with Cosmos obviously and probably just mess around with Bartz and Zidane in her story. Gameplay-wise I think she should be like a female Onion Knight, extremely fast and annoying but with a combo style like the one Prishe uses in Duodecim.

Final Fantasy XI: EALD'NARCHE

- He's one of the villains from the game's expansions and story-wise could fit into Dissidia; the problem I see with adding him is how to create a gameplay style that differs from Kuja, Golbez and other villains...

Final Fantasy XII: ASHE or BALTHIER

- Princess Ashe and Balthier are some of the most popular characters from FFXII. For me, Ashe should focus a little more on spells while Balthier could use attacks that involve guns and throwing grenades to keep them different from Vaan's style.

Final Fantasy XIII: DYSLEY and YAAG

- Both FF13 villains would obviously align with Chaos and while Dysley focuses on using the spells Barthendelus casted in the original FF13, Yaag could mix guns with summoning robots to his aid. 

Other than that, I'd give one character from Tactics, Crystal Chronicles and 4 Heroes of Light because even though those are separate series, they are part of FF and should be added to Dissidia. In the case of FFXIV, I haven't played the game so I can't really say who should make it in.


More Dissidia 012 progress

I have made a decision to stop playing Okami, at least for now. I simply won't enjoy it because of my hype for Dimensions and DiRT 3 (I realized they come out in the same day) and I'll just do everything on it in a rush and that's not fair on it. Instead I'll just keep finishing the stories in Dissidia 012 and leveling up the characters I like. With that, I'm more than satisfied. But I'm really really desperate to play Dead or Alive. I really hope it is as good as it looks.

My progress in Dissidia has been really good the past days. I already have a few characters around level 45-55 with tons of skills mastered, they are Yuna, Terra, Bartz, Tidus, Tifa, Cloud, Onion Knight, Prishe and Shantotto. I only have 3 stories to finish to unlock the epilogue. I'm currently playing Cecil's one and to be honest, I don't like him very much. The system he uses to change jobs limits his options when trying to take out some bravery in my opinion. Then I'll have to play Zidane and the Warrior of Light.

I kind of want to start FFV but I'm scared that once DOAD and DIRT3 come out I'll slowly abandon it (like it happened with 4 Heroes of Light), so I don't know. What I'm 100% sure of is that once those games come out, this place will start to be bombed with posts again.


Okami first impressions!

I started Okami for the PS2, it's very good so far though a bit slow paced. The game feels like a Zelda title, in which you control your character in really beautiful landscapes together with a trusty companion (in this case, intead of Navi or Tatl, you are accompanied by a bug kinda-thing named Issun) and help people, finish quests and kill enemies in dungeons. Okami tells the story of an 8-headed Dragon who threatens the entire Nippon (Japan) country with an evil course and Amaterasu, a white beautiful wolf is responsible for bringing it down.

For a PS2 game, the graphics are mind-blowing, it uses 100% cel-shade and the result is great. Looks better than a lot of games I've played for the Wii. This is great because even though I never stop enjoying a good game if it has old graphics, you can't help but notice that, sometimes, things would be better with the actual power of the PS3 and Xbox 360, so far, I'm enjoying the game a lot. Will keep posting my experiences with it.


Nothing new to post in the week

This week has been really weak for my gaming activities, the truth is that besides finishing Muramasa and advancing some in Dissidia 012, I haven't done ANYTHING. I plan to start Okami either tonight or tomorrow, same with Muramasa's review but I've just been a little busy with university stuff and haven't been really motivated to play a new game yet.

I suppose that I just lost the hype for writing everything down here but I do plan to keep this going, I have a lot of content planned that will eventually make it here. Most likely slowly since I'm alone taking care of the blog. So, I'm almost sure that the next game I'm going to start is Okami and I also want to do an RPG. I'm thinking about Fallout 3 or Star Ocean 4 but FFV is also there. I might play it on my DS Lite.

On the actual important news (connected with what the blog is about), my figures from the FFXIII characters arrived yesterday and they're bigger than I expected and inside the blisters look really really good. My camera is not with me today so I can't take any pictures but I'll pick it up over the weekend and post photos of the figures.


Muramasa is over

I just finished Kisuke's story in Muramasa, which means the game is finally over. His campaign is great just like Momohime's but to be honest, I enjoyed the chick's bosses more. Every boss in Kisuke's playthrough is very easy and not as magnificent, but they're not bad. I will write a review for the game during the week focusing on the art-style and gameplay which were the best features in it. I'm pretty sure it is going to be ready by the weekend.

Now, I'm wondering what to play next. I'm leaning towards Okami for the PS2 which could be good but I'm not sure. I also have God of War III, Fallout 3, Star Ocean 4 and others so I need to make up my mind. Also, something very cool happened to me. My cousin who recently got a PS3 gave me his PS2 because he was no longer using it, the console is not in a great shape but it works perfectly and I can easily take it to my university to play stuff on it with my buddies while we wait for the classes.