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Super Mario Bros movie

During the past three or so weeks, HBO has been airing the classic Super Mario Bros movie from 1993. I’ve taken the opportunity to watch it a few times and the truth is that it's not as bad as most people say. Now, it’s not even close to be one of my favorites, but from a hardcore gamer’s point of view, I can’t help but appreciate how the creators took the most iconic family of gaming characters and created a completely new world for them.

If you’re going to watch the movie, you must forget everything the games are about, both the classic ones and the post-SM64 ones. There’s no Mushroom Kingdom, no castle, no Princess Peach, no platforming and no charming music.

Instead, the movie tells us the story of a couple of plumbers who live in Brooklyn, NY, named Mario and Luigi brought to life by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo who are almost in bankruptcy because most of the plumbing jobs are taken by their competitors, a family named Scapelli.

During a ride around the city looking for a job, the protagonists learn that several girls are missing and wonder why no one is doing anything about it. Later, Luigi meets a girl named Daisy and completely falls for her, he offers her a ride to a dig site where she works and shows him some dinosaur fossils.

After the Scapelli family sabotage the dig site, Mario and Luigi run to it and fix the tubs but Daisy is kidnapped by a couple of goons who seem to be working under the orders of someone named Koopa.

Mario and Luigi chase after Daisy attempting to save her but accidentally run through a portal to another dimension that was created 65 million years ago when a meteorite hit Earth. In this dimension, the plumbers find themselves in a very mature-looking post-apocalyptic city where dinosaurs are around and everyone seems to be crazy.

The place is being ruled by a dictator named Koopa (Dennis Hopper) who is looking for a princess who carries around the last piece of the meteorite, if Koopa completes the meteorite, both dimensions will be one again and he will rule the world. So Mario and Luigi decide to stop him and save Princess Daisy.

Now, notice what I just mentioned: The movie takes place mostly in a very post-apocalyptic looking city like the ones we see in mature action thrillers. Nothing like in the games where everything is colorful, cheerful and even the most common objects smile at the player.

But while the environments shown in the movie are a mature, the events aren’t. The movie is full of jokes everywhere that when together with some of the character’s awkward acting, make things look even funnier.

Sadly, the story and narrative aren’t very good and most of the times the dialogs feel extremely silly and out of context. Some of the action sequences are badly done, even by 1993 standards and while many of its actors are very famous and praised, they didn’t do an excellent job in Super Mario Bros. But younger audiences can find the story charming and interesting.

The music is bad as well, completely unrelated to the games. It doesn't help one bit to remind the viewers that they're watching a film based on the most important videogame character ever. The only sound the movie takes from the games is the 1UP tone in one scene.

In the other hand, the special effects are great. Many characters transform into other beings, the car chases are good and the dinosaurs move like they were real. As far as I’m concerned, they invested a lot on the special effects and you can clearly see that while watching the movie.

Most of the videogame’s most important characters make a cameo of some sort, including Yoshi, who is just a small dinosaur who accompanies Daisy in some scenes, the goombas, who are very weird tall reptiles in trenchcoats with very little and ugly heads or Toad who is a singer from the city who Koopa transforms into a goomba to add him to his army.

Curiously, Princess Peach is nowhere to be seen, instead, we get this girl named Daisy who has nothing to do with the princess we sometimes play as in the multiplayer Mario games like Kart, Party and Tennis. Also, the girl in the movie falls for Luigi, instead of Mario.

Koopa obviously represents Bowser but unlike in the games, Koopa actually has a reason for kidnapping the princess, even if his objective is very silly. To inflict terror, Koopa uses some machines that can “de-evolve” people into simple and non-intelligent life forms.

Now, I can understand why the creators of the movie made up an entirely new world to tell this version of Mario and Luigi’s story. A movie faithfully based on the games would simply not work at all. (The main reason being that the games don’t actually have a storyline). But surprisingly, this world was never reused.

In my opinion, the movie’s world was the perfect scenario for a spin-off. The film even make the plumbers use some cool tools like flying boots, de-evolving rifles and portable Bob-ombs that could perfectly fit into a series of action-adventure games like Jak or Ratchet & Clank.

The movie itself implies that a sequel was planned but sadly, it never happened. Most likely because of the bed reviews it has gotten over the past 18 years. But the truth is that I feel this film is severely underrated. Again, it isn’t the best movie in the world, not even close but it doesn’t deserve the hate it sometimes gets.

For closing comments, I can say that I do recommend watching it if you have the opportunity, the film is completely unrelated to the videogames; in fact, it’s just an original kids story with characters who share the names of the Super Mario universe. The storyline isn’t very good but the special effects are. Super Mario Bros is a great example of what the creators were capable of eighteen years ago.

Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest three-heart run

A couple of days ago I started playing Ocarina of Time Master Quest again. This time, I'm attempting to complete it with only three hearts. I've done this a few times in the regular quest and it's not that difficult. The cool thing on the 3DS, besides the fact that the entire game is mirrored, is that the enemies deal twice the damage, which means that by playing with only three hearts, even small enemies like Tektites and the bats than actually kill Link. 

So far, the experience has been great. I just entered the Forest Temple but turned the console off as soon as Link stepped inside. The Deku Tree was ok, it wasn't difficult but the changes over the normal dungeon were cool. Dodongo's Cavern actually got me stuck in one part because I couldn't figure out how to get where the Bomb Bag was. 

Jabu Jabu was another story, I got stuck in several parts, especially in a room where the Boomerang appeared after killing all the enemies in it. Playing with only three hearts means that sometimes, I avoid killing strong enemies like Stalfos or Lizalfos, so I was attempting to do unnecessary stuff.

I suppose this is going to bring me some trouble in the later dungeons, especially Spirit Temple, God, the Iron Knuckles there take four hearts with each hit, which means that in MQ they take EIGHT, and I only have three. Amazing.

I'm really enjoying it, but I will take it easy and won't rush the entire thing. I'll most likely finish one dungeon every day or two. After I finish the story I'll attempt to hunt down every power-up and gold skulltullas, then I'll copy the file to grab all the pieces of heart and then I'll be done with Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (for a few months at least)


Figure pictures 28-07-11

Today while reorganizing some of the stuff in my room, I decided to open the FFXIII Play Arts Kai I recently got. So I took some pictures of them and other figures. Enjoy:

This is a very classic Spawn figure I've owned since I was a kid. Probably the late 90s maybe even earlier. I love it.

These ones are the three FFXIII Play Arts Kai I have, from left, Vanille, Lightning and Snow.

Lightning posed just like her official FFXIII image.

Vanille posed on my room.

Snow ready to kick some ass.

Another shot of Vanille.

Lightning's second shot, I love the level of detail in this figure.

Snow's figure is amazing. They even made it much bigger than Light and Vanille.

A final shot of the three together.

These ones are my Rikku Play Arts from FFX-2 and Spawn series 3. The McFarlane figure is very old. I got it about 15 years ago maybe.

A second (blurry) shot of Rikku with Spawn.

These ones are a Tifa statue I got in 2001 as far as I remember and a Deadpool figure I bought a few months ago. Everyone loves Deadpool!

This one is Kasumi accompanied by Deadpool.

A second shot of Kasumi and Deadpool.

These ones are Menace from Queen's Blade and a Bunny Girl Bome.

In this one, Menace and the Bunny Girl are accompanied by a second Kasumi figure, a Bome.

Two of my Bomes, Kasumi in her black ninja outfit and a bunny girl.

These ones are part of my classic McFarlance monsters collection. I've got about 12 of these guys, they're all from the mid to late 90s.

A second shot of three of the McFarlane figures.

A third one.

Lastly, a second shot of the classic Spawn figure.

Nintendo announces huge 3DS price cut

To gamers like me who already own the console, the Nintendo 3DS sales are probably not very important and we don't notice things like that, but the truth is that even if the system manages something incredible like delivering 3D graphics without the need of the retarded glasses, it's sales are not good at all.

It has been rumored over the past weeks that the big N was really worried about this, some of their most famous members in Japan even admitted the console's sales weren't what they expected at first. They blamed the games, and of course it's the games. 

I've had my 3DS with me since April and I've only gotten three games for it, and could easily live with only two of them. I have SSF4, DOA and Zelda which are considered the best games on it. One is already available in the next-gen consoles, the other is a casual version of an Xbox 360 classic and the last one is a port of a 13-year-old N64 game.

This means that something is not right. The third party suppord Reggie talked so much about in the last two E3 press conferences is almost gone. Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled recently and many other games already suffered the same fate over the past months. So even if the huge Nintendo first-party names are coming (and they all look great), they must have realized that they were on trouble.

Nintendo has just announced an 80$ price cut on the system in the American continent. Which means that at 170$, the 3DS sales will definitely rise a lot. Besides that, all the early-buyers will get 20 free virtual console games if they connect the system to the Nintendo e-shop before August 12th (the date the price cut starts).

At that price, I'm pretty sure that we can consider the PSP a dead machine, which means Sony needs to make a move and either cut the price of the PSP or lower the launch price of the PSVita. I don't really think they'll sell the Vita at less than 250$ but it could definitely be a smart move.


Dissidia 012 DLC

I don't remember mentioning this on the blog (need to start blogging more asap) but about a month ago I joined this local group of people who get together in a nearby place to play portable consoles. They're all, of course, huge Pokémon and Monster Hunter fans but I joined because of DOA Dimensions and to have people to play the 3DS games.

The thing is that this Saturday, one of them was talking with me about Dissidia 012 and I was explaining how the game worked and things like that and he mentioned that he saw some DLC available for it at the PlayStation's Store. 

When I was really hooked into the game, about two months ago, the only item available was a free costume for the Warrior of Light which I obviously got and use all the time. I was aware of DLC for it being available in the Japanese PS Store but since I got a little separated from the game I just never noticed it became available in the American one.

Since I had a 20$ prepaid card lying around which I was planning on spending on the MK9 characters I decided to check it out and buy some of the things as an incentive to get back into Dissidia. Among the available items are cool costumes for several characters like the Dancer clothes for Bartz, the Gunner outfit for Yuna, the black coat from the theater for Zidane and the Kingdom Heart's version of Sephiroth. I of course got all the costumes except Vaan's, Kuja's and the Emperor's because they're characters I don't really like much.

There were many BGMs available as well, one pack from each game from FF1 to 13. I got all of them starting from FFV so now I'll be able to fight listening to Chocobos of Cocoon from FF13 and the Chocobo Battle Theme from FF7. Might sound uninteresting but for a huge FF fan like me, this is great.


Rango and HOTD are coming on Blu-ray

I don't really remember if I mentioned it here but about a week or so ago, I purchased the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray, as a fan of those movies, I really cannot wait for them to arrive, but since I got my father's permission, I also ordered Rango, a recent animated movie that me and my girlfriend loved featuring a cool chameleon and High School of the Dead, the zombie anime I watched a few months ago but never actually reviewed. 

If my calculations are correct, both packages should arrive either next week or the one after it so I'll keep updates when I watch them to see if the blu-ray version of the movies and the anime are worth it. I'm especially worried about HOTD because I already watched the DVD version which looked amazing so I really hope that the blu-ray is much better.

Summer (and part Winter) gaming lineup

Now that my semester in college is almost finished, I've been spending the last two weeks writing and studying things for my classes. This has reduced my gaming time drastically to the point where I only played about 4 hours last week and in this one I only played a little MK9 a couple hours ago. 

The thing is that I want to start gaming strongly again and if everything goes alright, I'll be able to start on friday. I gotta admit that I completely forgot about Final Fantasy V, I need to resume my run of that game which was amazing until I got kinda stuck and stopped until I forgot about it. 

I'm also going to start playing Dissidia 012 to see if I manage to max three parties like I originally planned to, I want to explore the dungeon and finish Main Scenario 000 which I never started. All of this means that I've got a lot of hours of gameplay left in this game. 

Then I'll keep going with the career modes in all my racing games: Gran Turismo 5, which i've bashed a lot but since I already own it I might as well give it another try, DiRT 3 and F1 2010 which I already love and finally, ModNation Racers which I got about four months ago, played it for about two weeks and then simply stopped, I liked it a lot and I wanna go back into it at least casually.

Besides the racing games, I have the fighting ones which are BlazBlue, DOA4, Dimensions and Mortal Kombat 9. In Blazblue's case, I really want to at least become used to playing with at least two characters. My favorite ones on it are Platinum and Litchi, I found a really cool guy who is very good at it, I need to take the opportunity to learn stuff from him.

In DOA4's case, the online multiplayer still has several good players at most hours which is great. I want to play it online at nights. Dimensions is another issue, I hate the online multiplayer in that game but I admit that Jann Lee and Kasumi always make me come back for at least a couple matches all the time.

Then there's MK9 which I love and might even buy the four DLC characters. Only three of them are available right now, Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain and they all look very cool. The character roster in this game is amazing, I like at least seven characters from it and want to learn to play them all.

I've got my shooters as well, I mean, I have a lot of shooters but I only like playing two of them: Halo and Uncharted 2. Reach is excellent, I love playing Team Slayer and Firefight on it while Team Deathmatch and Survival mode in Uncharted 2 are simply perfect. 

Zelda 3D is also unfinished, I need to play Master Quest on it (with three hearts of course) so that needs to happen and besides it I want to finish at least two of my JRPGs. As I've mentioned before in the blog, I have Star Ocean 4 for the PS3 while for the Xbox 360 I have Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata.

My PS2 is also available as well, I love that console with a passion and have many great games for it that I haven't even started, like Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, the Jak trilogy, Okami and Dirge of Cerberus.  I have two consoles so I could plug one on my garden and enjoy gaming there which is great.

And finally, I want to take the opportunity this summer to see if I play the mirror quest in Donkey Kong Country Returns which seems to be very hard but I want to at least try it. Besides, I gotta see if I play a bit of the endgame parts in Pokemon Black after I transfer my old Pokemon from SoulSilver version.

This all means that gaming-wise, this is going to be a very busy summer. I'm probably going to end up playing about half of the stuff I just mentioned because I'll spend two weeks outside the country and I might also take the opportunity to you know, do stuff outside gaming, like going to football games, hanging out outside, organizing barbecues and watching movies and anime series.

What I'm sure about is that fortunately, I have a LOT of games available at all times, I'm really lucky for it and am extremely grateful. What I really need to do is make up my mind when deciding which games I'm going to start and write about here in the blog.


Super Mario Bros movie article incoming

In the past days, HBO has been airing the old Super Mario Bros movie from 1993. I had not watched it in many years and though it's not my favorite movie, I really enjoyed it and had a lot of laughs when comparing it to the world in the videogames, especially the ones after Super Mario 64 which came out in 1996. 

The thing is that after commenting a few times on twitter about the movie, I got a few replies from someone who has an account and a website with tons of info about the movie, stuff like early scripts, costume and creature designs, photos of the actors and cool things like that. The person asked me if I was going to review the movie here and though that was definitely not on my plans, I decided to give it a try.

While I do go to the theater a lot with my girlfriend and always watch movies at home, I don't feel like I have enough knowledge as to give a technical review since I don't know much about photography, camera work and that sort of thing.

But since SMB is a movie inspired by the most famous videogame character ever created, I'm gonna give it a try, focusing the article mostly on comparisons between the movie's world and characters with the games from that era and post-SM64.

Just like DiRT 3 and Pokemon Black's reviews. I'm going to try to have it ready during this week while HBO still airs the movie. I don't expect it to be my best article but I'll do my best to keep it as elaborate as possible.

REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

Ocarina of Time is considered as the best videogame ever created by most of the public who has grabbed a controller since the 90s, and with a lot of reasons. The game created the bases of most action-adventure games we’re all still enjoying even today and it was so innovative that it felt like it was ahead of its time. While I personally prefer Majora’s Mask over Ocarina, I must simply admit that the crown belongs to OoT because it started it all.

Almost thirteen years after the release of the Nintendo 64 version, a remake has come for the portable Nintendo 3DS with almost no gameplay changes; better graphics showing the power of the system and in full 3D and the result is excellent. The game still holds strongly after more than a decade.

Starting with the graphics, they are incredible. Everything looks excellent, from the characters, to the environments and even small objects that weren’t there in the N64 version like for example, some tools or food on the tables in the houses and stores.

Link’s movements look extremely fluid, even with the 3D on, the game runs at a solid 30 frames per second that when compared to the 15-20 of the original game, makes everything look much better. The enemies, NPCs and even insignificant things like the waves of water in Zora’s River were improved drastically.

The lightning effects were improved as well and the remade textures have great quality, some of them even looking just like the real thing, like for example the stone walls in Gerudo’s Fortress or the frozen Zora’s Domain. The visuals are so good that they can be compared to games appearing at the end of the PS2/Xbox generation.

The soundtrack is exactly the same we all heard in the original version but the quality is much better, most of the songs still sound as epic as they did back in late 1998. Especially Hyrule’s Field and the Triforce’s themes.

Most of the sound effects are great are were improved in quality as well though some of them feel dated but I suppose they were left there to keep the game exactly as it was when it first came out, as examples, I can mention some of the sounds the Stalfos and Lizalfos make when you fight them or the girly giggle Saria, Malon and Princess Zelda uses sometimes.

Gameplay-wise, the game is just like the original for the most part but there are some changes when accessing the items you equip that I didn’t find very good. In the N64 entry, you could equip three items to the C-left, C-up and C-right buttons, but now you can equip four at the same time and while that sounds better at first, two of those are accessible exclusively through the touch screen, which forces the player to stop using one of your hands to use the stylus.

That makes things especially annoying, especially in combat if you’re a player like me who travels around Hyrule with only three hearts of life and like to kill enemies with something other than the Kokiri and Master Sword.

The ocarina now has an exclusive spot on the touch-screen where you can play the songs with either the buttons or the icons on the lower screen. On it, you can also access the gear to change tunic and sword and the maps of the dungeons or town you’re visiting.

Besides all that, you still move, use your sword and interact with objects and NPC just like you did back in the N64 and it all works so well that if the game were coming out today for the first time it would still be catalogued as one of the best Action-Adventure games out there.

But one of the most amazing features in this remake is not the 3D or the remade graphics or being able to take our favorite Zelda game everywhere but the opportunity to play Master Quest, which is only available as a somewhat rare Gamecube exclusive offered by Nintendo as a bonus for pre-ordering Wind Waker back in 2003.

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Master Quest, we get not only the harder (or easier, in Water Temple’s case) and tweaked dungeons but a completely mirrored version of the game where right is left, and left is now right. This leaves us with a right-handed Link traveling around a Hyrule we never experienced before. Oh, and now the enemies do double damage, which makes things even more hardcore for players who like to challenge themselves.

All of those new features and changes leave us with a truly amazing remake of one of the most famous and praised videogames in the history of the industry. If you have or plan to buy a Nintendo 3DS, this is the first game you need to buy, even if you traveled around Hyrule and defeated Ganondorf dozens of times like most gamers did during the 90s and 2000s, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is definitely a masterpiece that no one should miss.


-          -     Excellent remade graphics and 3D effects
-          -     The gameplay, narrative, boss battles and music are still great even 13 years later.
-          -     Master Quest and Boss Rush add dozens of extra hours of enjoyment and challenges


-         -     Using the two items exclusively equipped to the touch-screen can be a little annoying
-         -     Most of the enemies and bosses in Normal Quests are not very challenging

Graphics and Visual Effects……….10
Music and Sound Effects…………..8
Replay Value…………………...…10
SCORE TOTAL…………….……9.25/10


Pokemon Black and Ocarina reviews incoming

I really don't remember mentioning this here but a few days ago I finished Pokemon Black. At least I reached the Elite 4 and defeated it with no problems. Now I need to ask my girlfriend to give me my old DS back so I can finally transfer all the pokemon from SoulSilver so I can put up a good team in case I decide to play the endgame parts of Black version.

With that done, I feel like I'm ready to put up a good review of the game here, which I'll try to have ready during the weekend. The same happens with Ocarina of Time 3D. I managed to complete the normal quest with only three hearts with almost no problems (the Stalfos are the only enemies that I have trouble killing). I'll start Master Quest during the weekend and try to put up a complete review.


ANIME REVIEW: Rio Rainbow Gate!

Rio Rainbow Gate is a very recent anime that aired in Japan between January and March 2011. The series has become quite popular over different internet forums and other websites that cover otaku and other geeky subjects.

The series takes place in an island filled with elegant hotels and a huge casino called “Howard Resort” where all the characters work. The main protagonist is a beautiful purple-haired girl named Rio Rollins who is the best dealer in the casino; she earned the nickname “Goddess of Fortune” because most of the customers who gamble by her side win a lot of money in the place.

The story focuses on how Rio needs to defeat other great dealers in different gambling games to earn one of 13 “gates”, a special kind of card delivered only to the best dealers in the gambling world. At the beginning of the series, Rio only has one of these cards and slowly starts “fighting” other dealers to win the rest, with the purpose of becoming the “Most Valuable Casino Dealer” or MVCD as the series usually call it.

As the storyline starts to develop, the viewer gets to know many other characters who participate on it, for example, there’s a little girl named Mint who is staying in the island with her grandfather. She always carries a stuffed bear named Choko around and quickly becomes very close to Rio. There are also a couple of very funny twins named Elle and Ille who are always dressed as bunny girls and work as dealers and waitresses in the casino. Ille’s dialogs are usually just repetitions of the last couple words Elle said which turn into very awkward moments in the series.

There are more characters like Mr Howard, the owner of the casino who is always making Rio fight for the gates while wearing sexy costumes, and Rina, who is Rio’s childhood friend and another great dealer who later becomes vital to the event.

But to be completely honest, the series’ negative aspects outweigh the positive ones by a lot. For example, the story is quite bad, very uninteresting and doesn’t make any sense most of the time; it is filled with a lot of stupid moments and dialogs where it tries too hard to be funny or “ecchi” but fails horribly.

Most of the characters aren’t developed properly, making the viewer unable to grow any affection for them. The only ones with actual personalities are Rio, Rina and Mint. Ironically I found that the best character in the series is Ille, the bunny-girl who always repeats the last word of what her twin sister said. She’s the only character that I found cool.

Another negative thing is that, in the first two or three episodes, the series sells itself as an ecchi anime, trying to focus a lot on the sexy moments and Rio’s outfits. Sadly, after a while, all of this is completely forgotten to try and fix the already destroyed storyline and characters.

I saw a lot of potential in the dealer fights part of the series. In it, the dealers are supposed to play any gambling game like Black Jack or Poker to determine which one is the best. But when the actual games start, the characters use a very retarded power called “Role Rules” to change into a silly outfit and alter the environments to play something stupid like “hit the target” or a videogame like Space Invaders which obviously has nothing to do with gambling and the game they were supposed to be playing.

But among the horrible story and characters with nonexistent personalities, I have to admit that the art is great, far from the best I’ve seen but the quality of the drawings in both the characters and environments is very good, colorful and with tons of details.

The voice-acting is good as well, it is very sad that the dialogs have to develop such a bad storyline but even with that, the voices aren’t bad, all of them fit their characters perfectly so I didn’t really see any problems here.

For closing comments, I can say that the series isn’t very good, as I elaborated before; the biggest problems are the storyline and lame characters. Fortunately, it’s very short, only thirteen episodes (for now) so If anyone wants to give it a try, they won’t waste much time on it at least. The art is very good but I don’t think anyone will find the story and characters interesting as to consider it a good series.


Blu-ray movies and series I plan to buy

One of the things I've been doing lately is purchasing the animated movies that I've liked in blu-ray to enjoy the full potential of the graphics. The ones I already own are Wall-E, Tangled, Advent Children, Avatar and Toy Story 3. They're all amazing and now that I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 and Rango I'm planning to get them both. I'm 100% sure about purchasing Rango but not about KFP2. 

Today, while browsing the movies available in Amazon's website I noticed there are some amazing packages with the Star Wars complete saga and trilogies for Lord of the Rings and Matrix. I don't like Reloaded and Revolutions as much as the first Matrix movie so I'm not really sure about purchasing the whole package for that saga. But Star Wars and LOTR are coming for sure. The problem is, of course, the price: 70 dollars for LOTR and 90 for Star Wars. I'll probably just wait till Christmas for this.

Besides the movies, I've been wanting to buy a couple of anime series in blu-ray to see if it's as worth as the animated CGI films. Both Queen's Blade and High School of the Dead are already available and I liked both when I watched them on DVD so they're definitely great options.

But besides the ones I already watched there are others bundled in packages that I don't know anything about besides hearing about them here and there, examples are Claymore, FLCL and Samurai Champloo. I've heard great things about them but I'll have to make a choice. The shopping needs to be done between August and Christmas because of a retarded limit on the dollars on my credit card.

Alice: Madness Returns added to my wishlist

The sequel to American McGee's Alice came out a few weeks ago and I've noticed that pretty much no one is paying attention to it. Personally, I never played the first game and the second one looks very interesting, especially the art style and environments. Gameplay-wise it looks like a common platformer or action-adventure title but oh well, I like those games.

The thing is that right now, the game is extremely expensive. 60 dollars to be exact and even though the games comes with a free download of the original game I believe the most intelligent choice would be to wait for it to reach about 30 dollars to buy it together with Mass Effect. I'd choose both for Xbox 360.

I can expect the game's price will drastically drop by August to I'll probably just wait until after a trip I'm making to buy the two games.


Platinum the Trinity is here to stay

A new character was added as DLC for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift about three weeks ago. After looking at some videos with here gameplay I decided to give her a try so I bought her along the Klassic Kostume Pack for Mortal Kombat 9 and Legend of Mana (PS1 classics). Her name is "Platinum the Trinity" and she's a little girl with a huge staff. She can summon random items in battle, each with it's own properties and abilities. 

Just like most BlazBlue character, Platinum has a very weird and uncommon fighting style because she needs to equip, spend, refill and unequip the items she has and try to make the best use of them to emerge victorious. Her fighting style is so amazing and I admit, she's so incredibly pretty that it got me back into the game after about a year without playing it. 

So, I can pretty much say that besides playing MK9 which I still love (and still plan to learn Noob Saibot) I'll be spending some time in BlazBlue with my friends playing as Platinum and my original main character, Litchi (figures).

I'm also gonna spend the next days in the other games in my "Currently Playing" list: DiRT 3, Ocarina of Time 3D, Uncharted 2, Halo Reach, etc. So I expect to make a couple more updates this week.

Changing subjects a little, I'm trying to finish watching this severely bad anime series called "Rio Rainbow Gate" which I've mentioned before in the blog. I've only got three more episodes to watch but God, the series is really bad. Everything on it sucks except the art and maybe the opening song. I'll try to watch them between tonight and tomorrow Wednesday.

AND, almost forgot. I've been playing a bit of Uncharted 3 Beta and it is great. Most of the weapons from U2 come back with another name and different form but the mechanics are basically the same. You can now sprint which is incredibly useful but to be honest, It really feels unfinished but well, it is logical, it's only the Beta. 

There are only two maps available on it. One is like an desert airport with tons of places to cover and climb and the other is like an abandoned mansion in a forest, like the one we visited in Uncharted 1. Both are great maps but I admit that I'll miss the U2 maps with tons of snow on them. Oh well.