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Kingdom Hearts 3D almost finished

Wow, this game is giving me many problems towards the end. As I mentioned when I got it, I started it in Proud Mode, which is the "Hard" difficulty settings and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much from the beginning until the set of "final boss battles" for both campaigns with Sora and Riku. The game was very challenging but nice, it required skill and knowing how to play and use the abilities and spells correctly but the final battles against Ansem, Xemnas and Young Xehanort are a complete pain in the ass. I'm already done with Ansem and Xemnas but Young Xehanort is the hardest boss I've faced since I tried Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in Master Ninja. 

I think that's the final battle before I'm done with the game, which has me very frustrated because I thought I'd have the game done today and be able to start Xenoblade and maybe Modern Warfare 3 tomorrow but after getting my ass kicked for like the 50th time by Xehanort, I decided I'll have to level grind to get better strength, magic and defense stats for the final battle. I was in level 39 and actually managed to stand my ground sometimes but the boss was just too strong and was able to kill me in two hits, sometimes it only took him one strong magic spell to kill Riku. (I already finished Sora's story after another extremely annoying fight agains Xemnas).

But the game is very very cool, I'm enjoying myself and know that once I defeat that fucker I'll get a lot of satisfaction from it. I want to finish the game and see the actual ending before writing my review for it, which I'm pretty sure will be done by the weekend. If you have a 3DS you need to get your hands on this game, it's pretty awesome. Though you might want to start playing it in standard mode because Proud can be a little "too" hard sometimes. 


Modern Warfare 2 campaign impressions

Out of complete boredom and wanting to finish a quick game of those I haven't played, I decided to have a go with MW2's campaign. I'm very disappointed I have to say. Unlike Black Ops which I must admit I liked a lot, the campaign in MW2 was completely anticlimatic and boring for the most part. I don't know what the hell is wrong with CoD games on PS3 but in my opinion, the graphics are shit. I don't remember CoD3, 4 or Black Ops looking this bad on Xbox 360 when I played them.

I personally don't like the series very much and think that it's fame is more a of an advertisement success rather than the games themselves. But COD4 and BO did have quality on them. But let's go to the small details: First of all, the all-famous mission "No Russian" was laughable at best. In the very fist part where the terrorists shoot the people waiting in line, I saw AT LEAST 15 of them die using the same animation at the same time. The same thing happened when the bad guys shot some other group of civilians from the second floor of the airport. It was a complete disaster. The game is terribly animated, most weapons just do the same things and, at least on PS3, the graphics and sound aren't good at all. Besides that, I can't stand that the entire screen turns red when you're hurt and it becomes impossible to see anything. 

The game is fun. I see it as a first-person-shooter version of Dynasty Warriors where you're just thrown in an arena to kill hordes of enemy soldiers who look the same for the most part, as if this were GoldenEye 007 and have to make it from point A to point B. Ah, the story is boring as fuck as well. Nothing compared to the plot twists in Black Ops and even less to Halo's immense sci-fi universe or Resistance's badass war against the Chimera. Yes, for me, Resistance is a far better franchise than Call of Duty.

The good news is that I got the game done in two nights and probably won't touch it ever again. One less game to finish, yay! Now to kill the final bosses in Kingdom Hearts 3D!


DOA5 leaked screens reveal Gen Fu, Mila and several costumes

Forum user Xenosaga just posted a bunch of pics for DOA5 revealing the long-awaited characters Gen Fu and Mila, the new female member of the cast. We still have no information on what her fighting style is but at least we've got this pic. Several costumes for the girls are shown as well as glasses for each of them:


New DoA5 screens show Helena and Lisa

New purchases

One of my local gaming stores has this incredible deal of two PS3 games for about 30-35 dollars. I decided to go and check it out and while most of the titles were shit, I did stumble upon SSF4AE and Batman Arkham Asylum, two games I never bought before. So I got them. SSF4 I don't think I'll be playing much but I feel good about having Batman. 

While I'm at it, I decided to make a cool gaming wish-list in for my Christmas shopping, thinking ahead about four months, yay! Some of the games included are Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rayman Origins, Darksiders 1 and 2, Batman Arkham City, Lollipop Chainsaw and others. All for Xbox 360. I'll update my wishlist tab with those.

Helena confirmed the worst character in DOA5

This is another match between Lisa and Helena. I've got confirmation that Helena is the worst character in the game. From the two videos, Shimbori's words in an interview and the IPL breakdown done by DrDogg, we're now 100% sure that she's lacking in pretty much every aspect. 

PP2KP is gone. Her main juggle and combo finisher, is gone. P+K doesn't crush highs anymore. These two things alone are a complete disappointment. She's extremely unsafe, her DOA4 safe attacks are now throw-punishable. She still has no way to go from Normal stance to BT without going to Bokuho first. No sidesteps, low throws or holds in any of her two stances.

Her damage output is terrible. There's no need to be a genious to see that she's the weakest character in the game so far when compared to the damage others can do. Especially monsters like Jann Lee, Bass, Akira or Rig. Most of her good moves are mid punches, including her sit-down stuns and Critical Burst. Her 214P+F doesn't guarantee anything. In short, she's crap.

I'm very disappointed about this. I've been waiting for a year for today and the news made me have a terrible day. A few fans and I made an elaborated list of possible "easy-to-do" changes to buff her to at least mid-tier level but to be honest, I don't think there's enough time. The game is out in a month.

This means that I probably won't be maining her for tournament and hardcore play. Which is a complete let-down because I wanted to live what I couldn't in DOA4 with her. Fortunately, Jann Lee and Tina are looking very solid just like Eliot, Rig and Kokoro which also interest me a lot. 



Helena has FINALLY been shown fighting. Along with Lisa in her lab coat costume from DOA Dimensions. Both girls are looking fairly nice though the video shows them playing the DOA4 style. Something tells me that Helena will once again rely much on her grab off Bokuho to deal good damage. I'm a little scared because a couple of pro players I trust are stating she's not very good. In fact I only noticed one new string from her :(

Helena new main outfit is very beautiful, like a more elegant version of her C1 from DOA3 and DOA4, the blue coat and legs are very sexy. The video also reveals a new stage called "Depth". A circular-like arena that activates a second version of it when a character hits the red lasers. It seems very cool to play there.

DOA5 and Helena will be coming September 25th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Choosing my DOA5 mains

In my personal case, I've never had this "character loyalty" thing in any of the fighting game franchises I've played. Every game needs a couple of main characters for me to choose from without taking into consideration which ones I played with in previous iterations. For example, In DOA3, I mained Jann Lee and Leifang during the years that game was alive, but in DOA2U, I kinda left them behind and went over to Kasumi and Helena because I loved their play-styles in that game (even though Helena was shit in DOA2U). But in DOA4, No matter what I tried, I just couldn't feel completely comfortable with anyone other than Helena and Ryu. For seven years, they reigned my DOA4 adventure and many other characters tried to take their places only to be destroyed by their awesomeness.

During all my DOA4 time, which were seven long years, I tried to adapt Jann Lee, Leifang, Eliot, Lisa, Kokoro, Hitomi, Kasumi, Ein, Christie, Nicole and Tina to my gameplay but I just didn't feel as good with them as I did with Helena and Ryu. It bothered me all this time because I truly feel a deep love for Jann and Leifang and they weren't as good as their DOA3 versions. But all this brings me to a personal debate. Who should I play with in Dead or Alive 5?

In the Alpha Demo, I mained Hayate, but that's mostly because I hate Ayane, Hitomi felt too DOA4ish and Ryu just felt like playing with Bass dressed as the Ninja Gaiden protagonist. Now, in terms of gameplay style, Hayate was also very DOA4ish but since I never played with him in that game, I just went and practiced a lot with him. But to be honest, I'm not interested one bit in playing as him in the final game. But that's basically because many others seem to be simply much more fun.

I can't simply abandon Ryu without giving a serious opportunity to him in the final version of the game. After all, he accompanied me in Dead or Alive 4 for seven long years. I played with him thousands and thousands of times both offline and online and I feel a deep connection to him, I simply can't. But from all the gameplay videos and breakdowns seen all over the internet, especially over at FreeStepDodge, I'm now sure that Jann Lee is gonna be a beast again, just like in DOA3. This makes me be 99% sure I'll be maining him.

But DOA5 will be the game I'll be playing the most for years, and two characters won't be enough for me. I'm now planning on taking three instead of two as I always do. I think DOA is pretty simple as to allow being seriously good and solid with three different characters. Since Jann is pretty much decided as the first official member of my team, I'd like the other two to have different styles. 

A very serious consideration for this is Tina. She just seems extremely solid and fun to play as, like in DOA3. Besides, all her insane DOA4 tools will actually work this time around. She has guaranteed ways to ground throw, has extremely damaging grabs and her air grab requires little height now so it's possible to both juggle AND air grab in the same combo. And besides her solid gameplay, I won't be lying to anyone out there, the girl is just too fucking beautiful as to not play as her. 

Other characters that interest me a lot are Leifang, mostly because of nostalgia and because her parries, advanced holds, throws and sabakis remind me of Aoi, one of my favorite Virtua Fighter 5 characters. Rig is looking extremely fun to play and in case of choosing a TKD user, I'd definitely go for him instead of Sarah which I'd rather use in the game she's originally from. That exact scenario happens with Kokoro. She seems to be a sit-down stun monster and works around the DOA4 stun game very effectively and as a Bajiquan user, I'd rather play as her instead of Akira. Eliot is looking very solid as well, that 9-frame punch, parries that guarantee launchers and strings and grabs that leave his opponents back-turned look incredible and people are saying he's a strong contender for a high-tier spot. 

But all this leaves me with a very important characters yet to be seen. Helena! Along with Busa, Hele accompanied me in my entire DOA4 time and I simply have to give her the benefit of the doubt. I'm literally dying inside to see her fighting and to start reading breakdowns and things about her gameplay. I just know that once I get my hands on the game, Helena will probably be the first character I try to master. 

All of these leaves me with the following team: Jann Lee, Tina, Helena and Ryu will have the priority and I'm pretty sure the final trio will come out of those but in case they fail me, I'll try to learn Eliot, Rig, Kokoro and Leifang. That makes a total of EIGHT possible characters. Without including the other yet-unseen fighters like Gen Fu, Mila or Pai.

I just can't wait for this game. It's gonna be a blast.


Dead or Alive 5 Gamescom 2012: Brad Wong vs. Eliot

This is the first "good" footage of Eliot and Brad Wong in action in DOA5. Awesome video that also shows a new stage called "Home", which we could see in the background of the Alpha Demo menu. In gameplay, Eliot seems to have a MUCH improved juggling capacity with those insane refloats. He also got a new high punch that executes in 9 frames and breaks guards that can work to interrupt faster characters and according to DrDogg, a high-level player from FreeStepDodge working for the IGN Pro League, Eliot has guaranteed launchers and other moves after successfully parrying. If all these is true then we might be up for a very solid character that actually gets useful stuff from his tools unlike his DOA4 counterpart.

Brad on the other part has a new handstand that allows him to use some very fast kicks. From what some players say, his transitions between stances are now safe so he can do them without fear of being thrown or interrupted as easily as in DOA4 but the general consensus right now is that he's still too slow and doesn't seem to have enough tools to beat high-level players using other characters that are already known to be very good like Jann Lee, Tina, Rig or Eliot himself. I hope we're all wrong though because it's about time Brad is good in a DOA game.

Dead or Alive 5 comes out on September 25th in North America and will be available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Dead or Alive 5 IGN Pro League videos!

The IGN Pro League site has been adding a lot of very cool breakdown articles on some characters like Kokoro, Rig and Jann Lee over the last days and many videos featuring excellent matches with Bass, Bayman, Hayate, Hitomi and many others. In my personal opinions, these videos are the best footage we currently have of how the game is shaping up. I still think many things need to be changed like Critical Bursts being available earlier in the stun threshold and more frame-advantage moves but so far, the game seems to be stepping away from DOA4 and more towards the VF5 and DOA3 gameplay which is excellent.

Check the site out here and the YouTube channel here.


New Dead or Alive 5 pics from Gamescom 2012!

Team Ninja has started their DOA5 announcements a few moments ago with these pictures showing Brad Wong, Eliot, a new stage (previously seen in the Alpha demo menus) and new costumes for Leifang and Jann Lee! AWESOME!