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Next games to play

To be quite honest, Alice: Madness Returns is not as good as I thought it would be. I'm still gonna keep playing it hoping for it to get better but most people tell me it's very repetitive from the second chapter on so I dunno. I'd really like for it to end as soon as possible but I'm not finding the motivation to play it like I did with Xenoblade. 

I'm already thinking about what games to play next. I never even started Uncharted Golden Abyss so I should finish that, just like Kid Icarus Uprising which I never finished for focusing too much on multiplayer (that's the reason I never reviewed it) but I kinda want to finish a Kirby game, one of the DS ones. I have them all so it's just a matter of picking it. Mass Attack or Canvas Curse would be very cool. 

I've also been thinking about which RPG to start next. I loved Xenoblade and the thought of replaying it is in my mind, (just like FFXIII-2 and Skyrim) but I should really be focusing on the unplayed ones. Tales of Graces, Star Ocean 4 and Lost Odyssey sound good enough. I'd play Blue Dragon too but I want to watch the anime first. So, I think Uncharted and Kid Icarus take priority but I'll have to deal with the small annoyance that is Alice first. I really hope the rest of the game is better because quite honestly, I'm not very amused by it so far. 

DOA5 loneliness

So now I literally don't have anyone in my city or country to play DOA5 with, the people I used to play didn't get interested and will move to other games. This of course makes me feel even more depressed. I'll try to at least take the opportunity to play DOA5 online more, finish more single-players and read more books. FML

I didn't even had enough time to find a main in the game. My tournament request for it was arbitrarily denied and now I'm left with zero fellow players. The same happened with VF5FS. But well, I can't help it. I live in this shithole and should simply bear with it until I finally have a realistic chance of leaving.

The only positive part is that I'll be going out at nights much, much less than before. That is very dangerous where I live so I guess that's OK. I'm gonna try to get a better internet connection in the following months to see if I'm lucky enough to be able to play DOA5 online with minimal lag. 


Third DLC Costume Pack for DOA5!

Team Ninja announced a third batch of DLC costumes for DOA5. Most of them include schoolgirl clothes for the Japanese girls and some others for Mila, Leifang and Hayate. I personally like this batch much more than the last, which I didn't buy because I honestly hated it (a catgirl costume for Helena¿ a Daedric-like skin for Busa¿). It's gonna be divided in three different packs of  400 MSP or 4.99$ each on Live and PSN or a single one of 1000 MSP and 12$. I think I'll buy it for PSN and later for 360. 

REVIEW: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Xenoblade Chronicles is finally available in the American continent. It got some time and work for fans all over to get the game released here after its incredible success in Japan and Europe. Xenoblade is one of the three critically acclaimed JRPGS available for the Wii that were released in the last year, with the other two being The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. Xenoblade was developed by Criware, specifically some of the people behind Xenogears, a rather obscure JRPG for the PlayStation 1 and the Xenosaga trilogy available for PlayStation 2. While the name sounds similar and it was made by some of the same people, Xenoblade doesn’t hold any actual connections with its older brothers.

The game takes place in a very weird and elaborate world. On the bodies of two gigantic titans those are seen fighting each other in the beginning. The two titans are named Bionis, a biological titan and Mechonis, a mechanical, robot-like one. After a long and very violent battle, both titans simply die and are left quiet forever. Eventually, life happens on the bodies of the two titans. Organic life on Bionis and mechanical life on Mechonis and they also enter a war for domain of both titans, Homs (humans) against the Mechon, the mechanical beings from Mechonis.

During the entire game, the player will live a story of honor, revenge, duty and of course, will try to save the world taking control of a young man named Shulk, who is able to control a legendary sword vital to the story called the Monado, which emits a very beautiful blue glow. Shulk will of course be accompanied by other party members along the way, warriors like Dunban and Reyn, a rifle-using healer named Sharla or a powerful mage girl named Melia.

In the adventure, Shulk and company will travel all along the Bionis and Mechonis bodies, their legs, chests, arms and even their heads. Revealing beautiful plains, waterfalls, oceans, lakes, mountains, forests, metal fortresses, factories, abandoned ancient robotic cities, etc, etc. And like in all JRPGs worth it, the characters will battle a lot of different enemies, solve sidequests, explore new areas, interact with hundreds of NPCs, and fight bosses. This is one of the best things about Xenoblade; it’s a very deep game with tons of stuff to do besides just level-grinding and advancing in the story. It’s an almost-perfectly crafted gem with a great pace from start to end.

But while most of the things about this game are very positive, there is a slight problem that shouldn’t really scare anyone away, but it’s there: The graphics. Xenoblade is a huge game, with gigantic areas to explore and things to do but the Wii seems to have fallen short on power for it. The graphics in the game are not very good and can even be on par with some PS2 games like Final Fantasy X, XII or Metal Gear Solid 3. Those are excellent-looking games but this is supposed to be a next-gen JRPG for a “next-gen” console, and the Wii doesn’t do it any justice.

Let’s be clear on this. The game doesn’t look bad but many things like the character’s faces, expressions, animations, 2D plants and grass all over, lightning effects and the like could have simply been much, much better on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Xenoblade doesn’t even use any of the motion sensor controls the Wii is known for so I personally believe the game could have benefitted more from the power of the other two consoles (that without mentioning guaranteed better sales since most of the JRPG players are on PS3 and Xbox 360). But as mentioned just now, the graphics aren’t bad. In fact, as soon as any competent player understands how big the game is, the OK-ish graphics will be discarded very quickly as a negative thing.

The sound is excellent for the most part; there are hundreds if not thousands of different effects for areas, enemies, players, towns and pretty much everything in the game. It has very good voice acting in Japanese and an OK one in English (which uses British accent for anyone who likes it). I played the entire game in Japanese with subtitles but changed it here and there out of curiosity about how some characters sounded like in English. Some are OK, like Shulk and Reyn but there’s this small creature named Riki who is supposed to be cute and “dumb”. He sounds exactly like that in Japanese but his English voice is simply… terrible.

Xenoblade is also accompanied by a terrific soundtrack that is on par with many of the great works from excellent game music composers like Nobuo Uematsu. Almost all of the songs are very catchy, climatic and fit perfectly with each area, battle or event happening in the game at the moment. Songs like Saihate Village or the Boss Battle Theme named “One Who Gets In Our Way” are especially very good.

Gameplay-wise, Xenoblade is truly a fantastic game. It both innovates on a ton of things and also keeps several the classic ways. First, the battle system, Xenoblade works similar to many MMORPGs, you control the leader of the party and as soon as you engage an enemy, (or an enemy sees, hears or feels you around) the characters will ready their weapons and start auto-attacking the foes every two seconds or so, similar to online games like Final Fantasy XI for example. The other two members will be controlled by the AI, which can be good in some cases (Reyn or Dunban) but not as much in others (Melia).

There are, of course, many skills available for each member. Shulk for example gets the opportunity to unleash the power of his Monado sword and buff party members with beneficial statuses like improved evasion or the ability to damage Mechon with physical attacks, which is very important in the first half of the game. He can also simply unleash a powerful shockwave to damage a line of enemies in front of him. Melia, the mage, can activate elemental auras around her and inflict hindering statuses to enemies like Blaze, Poison or Chill to inflict DOT (Damage Over Time) and slowly kill them. Reyn works like a tank so most of his skills draw agro from enemies and others raise his defenses so the foes will mostly focus on trying to kill him while the other members do their things without worrying much about getting attacked themselves.

Each party member works in a different way, they all have their roles in battle and all of them are very useful. I used all of them and can confirm that they’re all very strong and can be really helpful in most situations. There are also some chain attacks available after filling a gauge that will guarantee some heavy damage on enemies or the easy possibility of healing the party while the enemies aren’t doing anything. Another thing that works excellently in Xenoblade is the differences in damage and agro depending on where you hit enemies. Attacking a foe from behind or the sides can have extra benefits like more damage or the possibility of inflicting a very helpful status effect. Yes people, status effects are extremely important in Xenoblade. More than you can imagine.

Like in every JRPG out there, you can equip tons of things to the characters. Helmets, chest plates, boots and many weapons are available to each. In Xenoblade though, they actually affect how the character looks. So if you equip a bronze armor on Reyn, the guy will look all imposing in his bronze-colored set of metal armor and if you put a tribal dress on Melia, she’ll look prettier. There are hundreds and hundreds of different armors and weapons available and each of them improve or lower a specific stat in the character so you have to know what to equip to benefit their play-style. For example, you’ll want Reyn and Dunban to have tons of defense and HP, Riki and Shulk to have better agility and strength and Melia and Sharla to have better ether stat to deal more damage with magic, or heal which each spell.

Besides the equipment themselves, you’ll be picking up some colored gems all over the world that help you craft items to equip on the equipment. You can have gems that simply improve a stat or others that give a certain percentage of inflicting a status effect. There are also hundreds of different effects for these gems and the crafting minigame (which is quite deep) is really fun by itself. It allows for plenty of experimentation among the party members and what you have equipped on them.

Xenoblade also has an affinity system that helps build a connection between the party members. As you use certain party members together and complete sidequests for NPCs in towns and dungeons, the affinity between them will get better and better. This will eventually affect how many critical hits they land or chain attacks they use when fighting together and things like that. In battle, the characters sometimes will get demoralized if the enemy is stronger but another member can encourage them to keep trying to win the battle. This will affect their affinity as well.

All in all, Xenoblade is a very big game that pretty much does everything right. The pace from start to finish is perfect and the storytelling is excellent. It will keep most players interested easily in the story and exploring the worlds of Bionis and Mechonis. The story will also have many ups and downs that will surely keep you in the edge of your seat. And the battle system itself is extremely fun.

After finishing the game, you can choose to complete the sidequests, complete an internal list of achievements like the ones seen in PS3/Xbox 360 games or simply use a New Game+ file and carry most items and skills over to play the entire thing again. Completing the story will take around 65-75 hours, which is pretty long but unlocking and getting everything will surely mean playing for 250 hours or more. So yeah, completing Xenoblade is as long as completing a The Elder Scrolls game.

In short, Xenoblade is definitely one of the top 5 games in the Wii. No one with that console should miss this fantastic title. There simply is no room for “I don’t like JRPGs” here. This game will pass on to history as one of the gems of this generation and a title that possibly reinvented the entire genre. It has an incredible and curious world, excellent battle system and story and more extra content that you can imagine. This is simply a must-have.


-          Gigantic areas to explore on Bionis and Mechonis.
-          Fantastic battle system.
-          Great cast of characters both in party and outside it.
-          Excellent soundtrack.
-          Awesome boss fights.
-          Tons of extra content outside the Main Story.
-          Fantastic storytelling and pace.
-          Almost perfect variety in skills, equipment and ways to finish the game.
-          Each party member is extremely useful in most situations.
-          Riki.


-          Graphics aren’t as good as they should be.
-          English voices aren’t very good.

-          Graphics and Visuals……..…..8
-          Music and Sound Effects…......9
-          Gameplay……………………10
-          Replay Value…………….…..10

-          Overall Score……………….. 9.3 / 10


MODEL2 COLLECTION (モデル2コレクション) トレーラー

Trailer with some very cool old-school Sega games coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. They include:

- Virtua Fighter 2 (supposedly two versions and online play included).
- Virtua Striker (Classic soccer game from Sega).
- Virtual On (Mecha game that is very famous to Sega fans)
- Fighting Vipers (Great-looking 3D fighter with breakable walls)
- Sonic the Fighters (3D fighting game with Sonic characters)

It seems they all will be sold separately but cheaper bundles will be available in both consoles. I'm personally very excited about VF2, Virtual On and Fighting Vipers. I'd be getting them for XBLA most likely. Can't wait!

Alice: Madness Returns started!

I actually did this on Sunday or something like that but completely forgot to mention it in the blog. I started my Xbox 360 copy of Alice: Madness Returns I had lying around my room. The game is cool with a very impressive setting giving a weird, darkened version of Wonderland to the player. But the gameplay is rather simple. I mean, it's nice, but it doesn't innovate much or tries to be different or iconic in the way it's supposed to be played. It's a simple platformer/action game where Alice double jumps, stand on switches to do things, kills enemies with melee and ranged weapons, etc. I personally like the combat here more than in God of War but well, that's just me.

Alice seems to be an orphan english girl suffering from some kind of trauma after losing her family in a big fire that destroyed her mansion. She lives with some other kids and a psychiatrist who doesn't seem to be helping her much. So Alive sometimes goes back to a twisted, bloody and sometimes satanic version of Wonderland. It's very cool. The beginning of the game reminded me a lot of how Majora's Mask started. With Link falling down to the "illusion" that Termina was and becoming a Deku Scrub. I like game that do these kind of things.

I've put like 4-5 hours into it and like it a lot. It's nothing special but at least until now, it's a cool game and it comes with a free code to download the old game in the series (previously available only in PC) on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Now I really have to hurry up and write my reviews for Xenoblade and Dead or Alive 5 because I don't want articles to stack up one after another. 


Necessary changes in Dead or Alive 5

Team Ninja recently asked for feedback about the new changes fans want to see in the game for the next patch. While very small, the DOA community is very divided between the players who are OK with the guessing game present in past iterations and the hardcore fans who want the game to play more like other competitive fighters without losing the key factors that make DOA unique.

While I've tweeted some of the changes I personally want to see in the game, I decided to make a list to keep track of everything and add and remove stuff as time goes by. After almost a month of playing the game, several things are very, very good like unholdable stuns, wall game, Critical Bursts and the like but while some characters like Bass, Rig and Kokoro take full advantage of these, some simply don't. Helena comes to my mind as the character who lacks the most options and tools in a fight between equal players. 

As I've been saying in the blog during the development of the game, Helena is simply bad. There is no room for discussion or doubt about it. Let's remember first that she had incredible evasiveness in DOA4, forced tech set-ups that gave her excellent options, safety in many of her most important moves and some of the best launchers and mix-ups in that game. In DOA5 she simply lost all that and there's nothing to make up for it. So I bring the most important issue about the changes I want in the game: Helena buffs.


- Helena needs to be safer. In DOA5 a move with -8 on block is already unsafe to the entire cast, -7 is unsafe to grapplers like Tina and Busa. But most of Helena's moves are -9, -10, -11 and worse which make most of the characters in the game able to punish her with stronger grabs and even strikes to stun her. This needs to change. Moves like 4PPP, 66P, 1KP, 66KPP and others need to be safe to allow her a realistic chance of keeping the offensive.

- Helena needs a better damage output. Some of the characters like Jann Lee, Tina and Mila can take away 50% of a normal-health life bar in a single combo (guaranteed or not). This means that in a sole combo they take 150+ damage. Helena's most damaging ones reach ~120 at best and she seriously needs her opponent to be brain-dead to fall into the vast array of mid-punches required to either Critical Burst or max-launch height after building enough stun threshold. Buffing her damage a little will allow her to stand on equal ground with the other characters.

- Helena needs a better mix-up game. 99% of the new strings she got in DOA5 are mid-punches, the easiest strike to hold in the game, worse is that to build the stun threshold she seems to be forced to rely on them to get "good" combos and since she doesn't have any single-strike unholdable stuns besides SS P, she's simply not viable. Any competent player will be able to stagger or hold her if she starts to build a combo. And even with the nerfed hold damage, the defender has the advantage against her. 

- Helena needs more unholdable stuns. 3PPP, 44PPP, and SS P grant her sit-down stuns but the first two are the last hit of a easily-holdable string. She needs to be able to sit-down stun, leave her opponents back turned with some attacks and deal limbo-stuns with more attacks. An example is her 6P+K punch in DOA4, it caused sit-down stun in that game but not anymore in DOA5 where that move could have actually been useful. 

- In DOA3.1, Helena had a sidestep move from Bokuho, she lost it in DOA4 and didn't get it back in DOA5. It's curious because many characters have special moves that make them sidestep like Christie and Hayate. If Helena had the possibility to sidestep from Bokuho, her evasive game would benefit a lot. 

- Helena needs a neutral move to transition to Back-Stance. Any Helena player worth it will use all her three stances. She can already move from Normal to Bokuho neutrally and from Bokuho to Back-Stance but there's still no way to move from Normal to Back-Stance which would be very important for her. All the important characters with an important Back-Stance can do it (Brad, Lisa and Ayane) so there's no reason to deny the option to Helena.

- Finally, Helena needs to be able to low throw from Bokuho and Back-Stance. These two stances are extremely important to her game and most of us Helena players spend most of the round in them. A way to catch people who try to low hold to escape from stuns would be extremely useful to Helena. It doesn't matter if the low throw is the exact same one as the Normal low throw. Just give her the option to access it from Bokuho and Back-Stance.

If all of that happens, I'm pretty sure we Helena players would have a solid set of tools to overcome the rest of the cast. The list is long not because I'm whining for the hell of it, but because Helena really is lacking in DOA5. Now, while I haven't experimented with several of the characters, I can contribute a little with some of them. Here goes:

- Tina needs to be safer. In previous games she was one of the most safe characters and now, many of her important strings can be punished. While it's nice that she's faster than the average grappler, she needs the safety to be able to keep and offensive game effectively against faster fighters.

- Tina's guard breaks leave her at neutral or are unsafe, which is simply illogical because they should give her the advantage. Moves like 236K, Running K, 6H+K and others break the guard of her opponents but are unsafe or don't give her any advantage, while other characters like Bass and Akira get insane advantage from guard breaks.

- Tina has two very damaging and nice combo throws. But while pretty, both of them are normal throws. If one of the was a offensive hold, she could get a very solid option to gain the offensive. I know she already has "nice" OHs like 66T, 8T and 46T but it's kind of unnecessary for both her combo throws to be normal. 

- Tina should get frame advantage from opponents breaking her combo throws. Mila and Bayman have this so there's simply no reason for Tina to be at a disadvantage from her throws being broken. Something small like +3 would be more than enough.

- Alpha-152 needs wake-up kicks. I completely understand that she "feels" like a boss and over-powered character but she's really not. She has the longest and most damaging strings in the game, but they're easy to block, sidestep and punish. Her OHs are some of the best in the game but they can be seen from a mile away. Hell, 8T doesn't even track. There's a false sense around her that makes people think she's too good only because of her past as the DOA4 boss and the long strings but she's really lacking. Wake-up kicks are an integral part of the game and she should get them. Neutral holds doing zero damage we can live with, but no Wake-up kicks¿ that's going a little too far.

- Parries need to have more advantage. During development, Eliot got +20 from a successful parry and in the final build that was toned-down to +16. While it's nice, it requires the character who made the parry to keep guessing right to get something good out of them. All characters with neutral parries that do not deal damage by themselves should get +20 from them. Leifang, Gen Fu and Eliot. 

- Busa's transitions to Ongyoin (same as Helena's ones to Bokuho and BT) are either neutral or unsafe. This makes most of their opponents able to easily interrupt them when they transition at close range. Rig's transitions are at advantage so there's no reason to deny this to Ryu, Helena and other characters with important stances.


Now, there are still many characters I don't know enough about as to elaborate what they need added. I'm starting to train with Jann Lee, Gen Fu, Leifang and Kokoro and so far, they seem very nice but something might come along in the next days. The following are part of the game itself that need to be fixed or changed.

- The online menu song by Chosen1 is nice and I actually like it. In fact, I find it extremely satisfying that Team Ninja took it into consideration for development, but the song should have been in the Story Mode ending credits, not in the online menus. The song, while nice to me, is annoying to many players and gets old very quickly. I know there's an option to use custom soundtracks in the game in Xbox 360 but we shouldn't be forced to use that only because of a single song. The online menu song from DOA2U or the normal one from DOA3 or 4 would be nice. Please change this.

- Even after the patch that fixed many things, the online modes still randomly change the sidestep settings. I personally use 2/8P+K+H and sometimes the game changes it to 22/88. This is extremely annoying because we're supposed to be practicing. I think an option to change it during a match would be welcome too.

- The netcode is nice now but I think it could be better. I can still play VF5FS and SCV with no problems with American and European people from Venezuela. Sadly it's very hard to do this in DOA5. Any further improvements to the online performance of the game would be more than welcome.

- While watching an online match among other players, the characters sometime get a glitchy head and they move it like the Exorcist movie, it's creepy and goes against the excellent animations used in the game.

- Sometimes, after saving a replay, things in it happen completely different from the actual match. Some people have even claimed to save replays where they barely won and the replay shows their character losing. This needs to be fixed.


Now for the casual stuff. Even though many of the casual players of the game complained about the costume selection in the game, I actually liked it a lot. But since Team Ninja has decided to release DLC costumes, I'm taking the opportunity to request some very nice ones for some of my favorite characters.

- Leifang should get her DOA3 ending costume: blue/white shirt, long white skirt and white sandals. 

- Jann Lee palette swap from DOA3: Shirtless, black dragon pants and yellow shoes.

- Helena's DOA2U Arabian Dancer dress:

- Kasumi's military bikini:

- Ryu's unmasked classic outfit:

- Tina's blue bikini from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball:


Finally I think that such important fighters like Leon and Ein should have never been cut. They were very important to the cast and even tournament winners (Rikuto with Leon and Offbeat Ninja with Ein). Leon should not be hard to make if you use Bayman as base and animate him from there while Ein well... just make costumes for Hayate and give him his karate moves. They both deserve to be back. Give us Leon and Ein!


Xenoblade is FINISHED

I finished Xenoblade last night and damn I didn't want it to end. What a fantastic game, it was an excellent experience from start to finish and I completely agree with the public who says it kind of reinvented the genre. It has so many things going for it, an excellent and intense battle system, interesting story with top notch narrative and writing, huge and beautiful landscapes, great cast of characters, etc, etc, etc. The only negative thing making the game not being THE best JRPG of this gen is the graphics. Being a Wii game definitely hindered the game's visual potential. It looks very good... for a Wii game but I can't stop saying that this title should have been in the other two consoles.

Still, it was one of the best experiences I've had with my Wii since I have the consoles and trust me, you should buy this game, it's just amazing. I used most of the cast during my journey, but especially focused on controlling Shulk, Melia and Riki myself. I used Sharla, Dunban and Fiora here and there but only for a little time and Reyn, while usually part of my parties, wasn't used at all by myself. He's an effective tank though.

The final dungeons and battles were very difficult with enemies getting stronger and stronger each time. The game tells you if an enemy is easy-to-kill or not by using a color around it's name, if it's black or blue, you can kill it with no problems, grey means the monster stands on equal ground with the party, yellow means the monster is stronger but doable and red means you're completely underleveled. By the end of the game the final battles were red enemies because I seem to have forgotten to level-up enough so I got a red-colored final boss three times (three versions of it). I died many times and had to change party members, abilities and equipment on many occasions but I finally destroyed it using Riki, Dunban and Shulk. Riki's status changes were a key factor obtaining the win and his extremely-high HP made him survive everything thrown at him, just like Dunban's auto-revive ability. 

Riki and Melia completely break the game when they're together. If you, the player, control Melia and focus on putting bad statuses on enemies, Riki will mostly do the same which means that a single enemy can have Poison, Chill, Bleed, Blaze and stuff like that TWICE. If you do that, enemies simply die by themselves without the need of damage dealers like Shulk or Fiora doing anything. Trust me on this, if you use Melia and equip an AI Riki with status abilities and "Riki is Angry", you'll break the game. 

The game has a LOT of sidequests to do, innumerable things outside of the main story like quests, leveling up, hunting down materials, finding the strongest equipments, extra skill trees, advanced books for everyone's abilities and the like. I finished the game close to 70 hours into it and did my best to explore every area as best as I could and I think I'm well-prepared to write a good review on it. So you can expect an article analyzing the game in full during the weekend. 

Again, and I won't stop saying this: If you have a Wii, this is definitely one of the top 5 games for it. NO ONE should miss this title. It's definitely one of the most fantastic JRPGs this generation. Buy it and play it and forget about the kiddie sholvelware crap usually seen in this console. 

How to build an offline scene when...

...your fucking tournament and event requests get denied because "The game is M-rated"¿ I live in this shithole of a country named Venezuela where gaming is pretty much non-existent and people seriously think Fifa and Call of Duty are good games. In early August I made an official request to organize the first DOA5 tournament in a local "gaming" event that will be held in late November in my city. The tourney, while very small, could be a great starting ground to build a potentially nice offline scene with the Tekken, SF and SC people that sometimes play here but after waiting for several weeks for a response, I got a message today saying the game couldn't be there because it's M rated. You can not imagine how pissed off I am at this moment. 

The thing is that the entire event is being run by a group of idiots who are fanboys of other series and they let the otaku world invade the little gaming things that happen here. I'm 100% sure I'll see several Call of Duty and MK9 booths in the event but my request was denied because my game has busty girls on it. In fact, I'm 100% sure the entire event will be overrun with half-naked girls cosplaying as anime characters that don't look at all like them. 

So, what the hell must I do¿ I already have 8+ people seriously interested in participating and holding the tournament in an actual "gaming" event could have been a great starting ground by my country's standards but I got stabbed in the back and now I hate my geographical location even more. I'll probably just hold the tourney at my backyard because I have enough room for it and easy access to the HDTVs, consoles and all that, but in a tournament at my place I'll be doubtful about letting strangers in. 


Ok so...

... I finally start classes tomorrow and now that I have a set schedule for it and that I'm going back to my Japanese language course I can actually look for a part-time job to fill the gap during the weeks. I actually feel really good about going back to uni, miss my friends from over there a lot. Now it's time to fix lots of shit with my life.

I'm very excited about going back to write on my literature project, I haven't written anything on it in about two months or so but I've read, watched and played a lot of things that could help me with some ideas. I want to put everything online but I fear for my ideas getting stolen so I'm still doubtful about it. What is sure is that the writing will be resumed very soon. 

Regarding DOA5, I'm making slow but steady progress with the skill-building, Tina is definitely my favorite character in the game right now. I feel comfortable with her and online (when the crappy netcode allows me to) I constantly get good combo and throw damage. She's awesome. I'm still working on other characters and slowly getting used to them. I started to play Kokoro this weekend!

I have to make a few calls during this next week to see if I'm going to organize the first tournament of the country for the game. Something little with 8-16 people would be acceptable for me because I'm aware that my favorite game has little to no ground where I live, but I'll still try. If it gets approved I'll be covering it up as a "gaming site" to upload to the internet and share with the community and Team Ninja.

Besides DOA5 I'm still playing Xenoblade which I put on hold for a couple weeks while I played the fighting game but I already resumed it and believe I'm very close to the ending. It's a fantastic game for a console that doesn't deserve it. In the near future I plan on finishing some portable games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a few Kirby games in DS. 

In anime, I've been kind of away from that world as well, during summer vacation I watched some like Divergence Eve and Devil May Cry which are ok-ish. I have some other unwatched series but I went and decided to start Toradora again. I remembered how much I loved it and went back to it. It's very good, really really good. It feels weird to me to enjoy a high-school anime drama at my 26 years of age but fuck it, Toradora is fantastic. 

Well anyway, I have some other plans to come back to posting daily here during classes and even work if I manage to find one. I'd like to make a poor-quality combo video for Tina in DOA5 as well as upload a few casual matches with my friends who play it with me. That'll have to wait till next week though.


DOA5 free DLC costumes

Team Ninja released a free DLC costume pack for eleven characters in the game. Available in both XBL and PSN. They all come from previous games in the series and the "costume C" for the three VF characters are available. They're awesome and a more-than-welcome addition to the roster of costumes for the characters. Now we wait for the rest of the cast to get their own. The characters included in this one are Kokoro, Zack, Sarah, Tina, Pai, Bayman, Mila, Akira, Helena, Christie and Gen Fu.

Dead or Alive 5 training

Learning DOA5 is proving to be quite a challenge. After so many years in the previous entries I sometimes try to hold out of stun like in 4 but that strategy doesn't seem to work as much in 5. For people like me who only have a single friend to train offline with, playing online is the only actual method of building up skills and learning match-ups. My friend uses Bass and Bayman and he's doing quite good with them, better than me. (We finished around 50-30 in his favor last night) but the problem in DOA4 was that I only played with him so I became to used to those matches and it made me lose that could have been easy fights when I went online. 

Fortunately, DOA5 has an unranked system similar to other games like VF5FS but it looks like it puts you up against people of your similar skill level. I can play DOA and I'm not bad at it but when I try to play unranked and it puts me up against F-ranked Kasumi players, the game doesn't get much fun. 

So building up some levels in ranked matches seems to be a good way to get to where you should be (B-A in my case) and go from there to unranked and try to train there. Since I still don't have a main character and spend hours messing around with like eight of them, this looks like a good strategy to help me.

Tina is the character I've spent the most time with and I even got a few quick set-ups to Critical Burst with her along with some nice and damaging juggles for every weight in the game. She's very good dealing damage but I'm still having problems starting my offensive. Gotta practice, practice, practice! But so far, I like Tina a lot even though I think she's much weaker than Bayman, Bass and Hayabusa. (Other grappling characters).


Dead or Alive 5 section (probably) coming!

I'm thinking about using the empty space up in the tabs to create a new section to keep track of DOA5-related stuff like videos, combos and strategies in general. So far I'm enjoying the game A LOT and even managed to play online with almost no problems on PS3. I'm in love with the game but a little worried about Tina and Helena because they're not as strong as their DOA3 and DOA4 version respectively. They're both awesome in 5 though.

I sat this morning in training mode for a couple of hours with Tina and found some very basic but useful combos for new people getting into the series or coming from DOA4 and Dimensions (like myself). They can be found in my thread here. Some of those can take half a life bar of any opponent Tina managed to land a couple attacks on. So I think they're very nice.

I'm still messing around with many characters and will most likely stay that way for a while because I honestly like so many of them. Gen Fu is incredible, just like Pai, Fang and Jann Lee. I'm really considering using Christie and hell even Helena, who's definitely the weakest character in the game can make her foe's life go down quick if she does things right. And Busa¿ God that 66K is a GREAT new move. Mila's pretty awesome too.

So, if I get enough time to do it I'll probably work on building up a fairly nice section for DOA5 goodies. Buy this fucking game, it's glitchy as hell but it's just too fucking awesome!