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A small update

During the last days I've been a little busy with college homework and working on my book project which has especially taken me a lot of time. But I've fortunately found time to game a lot. I'm currently very hooked to Skyrim, second playthrough with a Khajiit. I'm trying to finish the Thieves Guild questline with that character and probably the Stormcloak side of the civil war. I'm finding myself glued to Halo 3 ODST as well, trying to break the 100.000 points in every map but I've failed miserably. I almost did it in Alpha site but a fucking Brute with a Fuel Rod Gun took my last live when I was on 98000+ points.

Besides those I'm playing a lot of Virtua Fighter 5 Online and Soul Calibur V. With Eileen/Aoi and Natsu/Maxi respectively. Since I'm having internet problems AGAIN I'm not playing online very much in SCV but I get a couple matches when I can. Forza 4 has also seen a some hours of gameplay. I'm trying to get to level 50 driver and asking myself if I should buy the Porsche DLC pack they released recently.

I'm still planning on getting all fragments in FFXIII-2 and starting either Atelier Rorona, Xenoblade or an Xbox 360 single player game. I will review FFXIII-2 and Kid Icarus very soon but as I said, I haven't found the inspiration or time to sit down and write those two articles. I'll try to have them ready either today or during next week.



Damn it's been some days since I last made a post here. I've just been a little busy but I'll be active during the weekend. Today in the morning Team Ninja released a new trailer revealing two new characters and a new stage for Dead or Alive 5: Zack and Leifang in the Circus stage.

To be quite honest, I didn't like it very much. From the day they first announced Busa and Hayate they were showing a more mature art and style and while I do understand Zack is a comedy character, the whole circus thing went too over-the-top. Also the costumes. Leifang's face and new look are very beautiful as I expected but her most iconic outfit has always been the chinese dress and high-heeled sandals but they decided to show her with the retarded clown pants for some reason and Zack himself simply looks ridiculous and out of place.

When I think about it, I just feel that putting up Hayabusa, Ayane, Akira and other characters fight in this stage will just feel completely awkward. But well, it's too late now. I just hope I'll eventually become used to the stage as I did with the dinosaurs one in DOA4

The music of the stage was also very shitty, just like the dangerzones. I dunno, the whole thing just doesn't feel like the DOA5 they've been showing the past few months. I really hope we can get an option to customize which stages appear in random because having this crap show up constantly will just hinder my experience with the game.


REVIEW: Soul Calibur V (Xbox 360)

Soul Calibur V is finally out and ready to be reviewed after spending about two months with its ins and outs. The game’s developer company Namco took a big step forwards in the gameplay department, adding several mechanics that are more than welcome to a 3D fighter that has always gotten a lot of attention from the public and has managed to always get with excellent sales compared to competitors like Dead or Alive or Virtua Fighter, as well as keeping the technical aspects like graphics and sound with top quality.

As most people probably already know, the Soul Calibur series is a 3D fighter franchise where the characters use melee weapons to try to knock the opponents down, they use swords, axes, nunchakus and the like. Like in most fighting games, there are a lot of characters to choose from, each with his or her own style, speed, range and difficulty to use.

The game is incredibly good graphically, I can dare to say that it is easily the best looking fighting game of the generation. The textures in both the fighters and the environments are of great quality, they’re full of colors, well animated and varied enough to avoid much repetition, even when fighting the same opponents several times. There’s a lot of eye-candy to be had in Soul Calibur V, and I don’t only mention it because of the ladies but for the graphics themselves. The vast majority of the character models are jaw-dropping and when playing for the first time, I just stood there randomly moving my character while looking at the graphics and admiring what Namco did this time. I used to think Soul Calibur IV looked great (and I still do) but SCV definitely takes the visuals of a fighting game to another level. In fact, they’re only bested by the alpha demo of Dead or Alive 5 which many of us have in our consoles hard drives at the moment.

The ladies of the game is an aspect I think it’s worth mentioning. When Soul Calibur IV originally came out, it looked like Namco wanted to go the DOA way with this series because Sophitia, Taki, Cassandra and especially Ivy (my God, that Ivy) looked like girls from the anime series Queen’s Blade or Samurai Girls. Well in Soul Calibur V, the ladies are still VERY beautiful but none of them are dressed like whores and they don’t show boobs and ass around while fighting. This is especially easy to notice with Ivy who is still very hot and busty, but she’s dressed kind of like in Soul Calibur 1.

Soul Calibur V is a game that is greatly animated, I remember in the previous versions that many of the characters’ movements used to look a bit awkward in some occasions, especially the ones who are very fast and move around a lot like Taki, Maxi or Talim (who is gone this time, a sad thing). But in this one, they seem to have worked a lot on the animations because they’re very cool and since the game runs at a steady 60-frames-per-second, it’s even easier to notice.

In the sound department, the game does a very good job as well. It comes full with thousands of different sound effects for pretty much everything, from the weapons hitting their opponents to the yells of the fighters screaming in pain. The sound effects aren’t realistic or anything but they fit perfectly into the game. As usual now days, there’s the option to have voiceovers in both English and Japanese and as usual now days, the English voices are pathetic so I honestly don’t recommend using them. All the characters sound better in Japanese and it should be played that way at all times.

There’s a great soundtrack to be enjoyed as well, very similar to the ones of the previous games since it’s a set style Namco has been using since 1999 when the first Soul Calibur game came out for the Dreamcast (I know about Soul Blade’s existence but never played it so I’m not taking it into the equation). Many of the songs have a “medieval” feeling to them which reminds of movies of the same style and there’s even a remake of Maxi’s theme from Soul Calibur 1 which was one of the best songs of that game.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the gameplay took a very huge step towards being a much deeper game, there’s a new sidestepping and ukemi system that plays differently from before. The parries are also changed and they can’t be done at all times now. Instead, we fill up a bar to either use the parries or unleash a powerful “Ultra” that deals heavy damage, kind of like in 2D fighters like Blazblue or Marvel vs. Capcom. But the basics are still the same, we use four buttons for horizontal and vertical strikes, kicks and blocking and by mixing two or three of those we have even more options like throws, launchers and other special attacks.

The vast majority of the characters have their own set style now and there are almost no similarities between them, like in the previous titles where for example, there was no reason to use Rock because Astaroth was there, same with Raphael and Amy and so on. Now each fighter feels more unique, but there’s a downside. Many of the iconic characters are gone with no good reason. Soul Calibur V doesn’t have Sophitia, Cassandra, Talim, Yun Seong and other iconic and usually favorite fighters from the franchise. But we get several new ones like Natsu, Xiba or Patroklos who are very cool and replace the styles of old characters.

The game has several different modes to enjoy. First, there’s Story which takes us to see the events in the life of newcomers Patroklos and Pyrra, a brother and sister related to Sophitia who become involved in the Soul Calibur/Soul Edge thing. To be quite honest, the story is really stupid and doesn’t add anything worthwhile to the game other than a few laughs with your friends at how pathetic and retarded Pyrra is. For single player it is better to play the offline modes where we have Arcade, Legendary Souls and Quick battle which are modes that make you fight AI opponents over and over to unlock titles, level up and get new pieces for Creation. There’s also Versus Mode of course which lets two friends fight at it in the same console over certain chosen circumstances and finally, Training where you can practice and polish your skill to then test them with real opponents. Besides the offline modes we have the online multiplayer which is surprisingly good.

Online, the game runs almost perfectly, even if you don’t have a very fast internet connection, it is really rare to encounter lag in Soul Calibur V. I don’t know what Namco did exactly but while games like Mortal Kombat 9 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are simply unplayable online, Soul Calibur V is a breeze and feels like the opponents are sitting on the couch next to you. Pretty much everyone in every gaming forum on the internet agrees on this: The performace of Soul Calibur V Online is excellent. Sadly, not everything is perfect because the game lacks the option to “fight again” or “retry” after you win or lose a fight against a stranger and forces you to find a new player after each fight.

Like in SCIII and IV before it, SCV has an excellent creation mode where you can both make your own fighter and dress him/her up as you want or take one of the default fighters and change his/her clothes or colors. As you play the game, you’ll be unlocking new content for this mode. There are literally hundreds of things to dress your characters with, from dresses and skirts for the girls to armors and tunics for the guys. The combinations possible reach hundreds of thousands. The Creation Mode plays and works very similarly to the one in Soul Calibur IV but there’s a lot of new content to be enjoyed so they did a great job in the aspect which the game benefits a lot from.

Finally, as a fighting game, Soul Calibur V does a great job at having pretty much infinite replay value. The game really feels much more serious and deep than its predecessors. It has many different modes to enjoy, a great Online system with excellent performance and a very cool Creation Mode that is really fun by itself. As I mentioned, Soul Calibur V is currently the best-looking 3D fighter of the generation and probably the best in the other aspects as well, We’ll have to see how Dead or Alive 5 and Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown end up looking but I personally think this game will hold its ground against the two giants coming to compete with it soon. I totally recommend it.


- Deep gameplay mechanics require practice and skill.
- Great soundtrack and graphics.
- Near infinite Creation Mode to make your own fighters.
- Excellent performance Online with little to no lag.
- A very cool and varied roster of characters.
- Many different modes to enjoy.


- Many iconic characters are gone.
- No “retry” option online.
- Story Mode is stupid and pointless.

Graphics and Visuals………………10
Soundtrack and Sound Effects……..8
Replay Value………………………9

Final Score………………………..9/10


FFVII Cloud Final Moveset Hack for Brawl

Some guys hacked Cloud into Brawl, and he looks pretty awesome! He has several magic spells and all his Limit Breaks from the original FF7. The video is pretty old but still great. Check it out.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown price and release date announced

According to the guys from Hajinmon Gaming TV Sega has priced and dated VF5FS. I post this here given that it'll be one of the most important games in my life and in the blog for the short and long-term future (It's the only one I'll be playing with DOA5). The price of the game is 1200 MS or 14.99 USD in the PSN and its coming out on June 5th. With several packs of items for customization given both separately and packed together. I actually want the entire game in both consoles so I'll be getting it for the two. 

I'll have to look for an arcade stick for my PS3 somewhere, but until then, I'll just play it with the Dual Shock when I try it out on that console. I really can't wait to play as Eileen, Aoi, Akira, Pai, Jacky and all the other awesome characters of the series. Until then, you can take a look at my "version C" review HERE


REVIEW: Ninja Gaiden 3 (PS3)

Ninja Gaiden 3 is the very first game in the franchise developed by the post-Itagaki Team Ninja, now led by Yosuke Hayashi, leader of development in other games like Dead or Alive Dimensions and Metroid: Other M. The game is available for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 and still falls into the same action-adventure, hack n’ slash genre of the two entries before it.

But sadly, something really bad happened to this game during development and publishing because the truth is that Ninja Gaiden 3 is a horrible game in almost every aspect. Literally everything that could have gone wrong went wrong with the game, from the visuals to the gameplay, from the music to the multiplayer that should have never been implemented to begin with.

First of all, there’s a very stupid story about a group of evil alchemist or scientists trying to create a Goddess to remake the world once again and Ryu Hayabusa teams up with a group of military from both Japan and USA to try and stop them. But the problems are not with the story itself. This franchise has never been known for its great plots, even NG1 which is considered by many as one of the best hack n’ slash games ever created had an “OK” story at best. The problem in Ninja Gaiden 3 is the way the plot is explained and the events and dialogs occurring in the cinematics.

There are way too many events that simply make no sense at all, like for example when Ryu and Momiji, who make a couple of very brief appearances return to the Hayabusa Village and are forced to fight a gigantic version of Obaba, the old witch from the Black Spider clan that we fight in Ninja Gaiden DS and Sigma 2. Once Ryu defeats the witch, who appears as a very, very big boss you have to literally climb and jump around, the game simply forgets the event ever happened, there’s no explanation as to why Obaba appeared, what she wanted and the characters just never say anything about it ever again. 

A few other cases like these happen in the game, like when a very ugly blonde scientist becomes a prototype of the “Goddess” and after defeating her, the players are never explained who she was, why she was evil and other such important things. All these give the feeling that each mission or chapter of the game was probably developed separately and the stupid story is a laughable excuse to try and tie them together that ultimately failed miserably.

Another thing is that in both the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series, Ryu Hayabusa has always been shown as a silent and badass ninja with super abilities, but in here, while he’s still very powerful, he talks way too much and becomes unnecessarily attaches to the woman who gives him orders and too close to a little girl. It’s only fair to remember that in Ninja Gaiden 1, Ryu had 15-20 lines of dialogs at most in the entire game, but in NG3, he never seems to shut up and that makes the whole thing feel completely unfamiliar.

The graphics are a real problem, the environments aren’t well made and it’s possible to notice invisible walls or flat textures that try to give a feel of depth but fail. Ryu looks very good but the rest of the characters don’t, they have mediocre textures in their clothes and aren’t well animated. This is especially noticeable with the enemies who don’t have AI and always do and say the same things. It seems as is Team Ninja worked on Ryu and only Ryu while they didn’t polish everything outside of the superninja himself.

Besides the bad textures and animations, the game doesn’t seem to have good lighting effects and the shadowing is very crappy. As mentioned before, something really went bad during the development of this game because even when looking really hard into it, it becomes quite difficult to find aspects of quality in the entire game.

In the sound department, nothing seems to have gone right as well. The entire game is unnecessarily full of stupid dialog trying to make the bad story sound epic or important. The voices aren’t cool at all, especially the English ones which are really terrible and in Japanese, they seem to have changed Ryu’s voice actor because he sounds very differently from his DOA and NG1/2 versions.

The voices bring another huge problem to the game, the common enemies the players fight have lines where they say crap like “It’s the ninja!” or “I don’t wanna die!” The game is so filled with enemies (literally hundreds in a single chapter) that these lines becomes insanely repetitive in the very first mission of the game, and the players will keep hearing them during the entire adventure.

Musically, the game didn’t provide the public with a good soundtrack as well. None of the songs are as memorable as the ones in the previous two games that, while not done by famous composers like Nobuo Uematsu or Martin O’Donnell, they were very cool, but the songs in Ninja Gaiden 3 are completely forgettable and they seem to be there only because the game needed music and just that.

But the worse of it all is definitely the gameplay, it plays and feels like a Ninja Gaiden game but just after five or so minutes into it, it becomes easily noticeable that something is wrong. First of all, the entire game is full of quick-time events like in God of War that go the exact opposite way of what Ninja Gaiden is supposed to be like. They’re way too common, easy to finish and make many key parts of the game play itself.

The combat is terrible, Ninja Gaiden games were always about making strategies for each fight, knowing which weapon to use and how to use it, punish the enemies when they made a mistake, knowing the combos and moves of each weapon, parry their attacks, administer the magic flames and many other things that made a lot of people over the years say that Ninja Gaiden played like a fighting game. But here, the Dynasty Warriors formula seems to have invaded the shinobi franchise.

Enemies respawn from literally nowhere, but not like in the previous games where they seem to appear from a magic spell or something like that, no. Ninja Gaiden 3 makes enemies simply appear out of thin air. One frame they’re not there and the next, six of them appear like it was a glitch in the game’s code. Ryu usually finds himself completely surrounded by hordes of mindless enemies without any AI that simply repeat the same sincronized patterns and say the same lines over and over. Players don’t need to make any strategy to emerge victorious, by simply pushing the square and triangle buttons repeatedly, Ryu will kills everything and be done with it. 

There’s also the problem of the QTE in the fights. Like in God of War, after damaging the enemies to some point you’ll see which button to press on the screen to finish them off. The dismemberments of Ninja Gaiden 2 are gone and there’s really no reason for them to have been removed. The bosses are terrible as well, they’re just big enemies with a hidden life bar that require the same strategy as the common enemies: pushing square and triangle a lot to eventually kill them with a stupid quick-time event.

The game focuses a lot on some curse that is put on Ryu's arm because he murders too many people. The curse makes Hayabusa's right arm get all repulsive and in many of the "important" fights Ryu will start to feel some stupid pain and move very slowly while the enemies just watch him and just like the pains comes, it goes without any explanation or it ever having some importance. After the game is over, Ryu will have killed an average of 2000+ enemies but someone will make a crappy excuse as to why he is a hero and not a murderer. The game is that bad.

Besides the combat and QTE, there are some small sections in the game that just make anyone think “why is this here!?” like in the first chapter where a small plaza of some sort is full of smoke and Ryu needs to sneak up behind some soldiers to silently kill them or a escort section where he carries the little girl on his shoulders and needs to stop some monsters from kidnapping her via QTE. These ones are specially bad. Ah, Ryu almost never fights monsters in this game, NG1 and 2 were all about destroying fiends and angry gods but here, most of the chapters will be filled with soldiers and terrorists who poorly resemble Bayman from Dead or Alive.

Another issue are the weapons and magic spells. Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 had about eight or nine weapons and around five or six spells each. But by default, Ninja Gaiden 3 only has one weapon, the Dragon Sword and one spell, where Ryu casts a flame dragon to kill everything in the area without the need to aim the spell or position him to effectively kill more enemies with a single cast. Team Ninja offered a free update adding the Falcon Talons and Scythe from NG2 but they fail to be like the versions of the previous games and simply feel exactly like the Dragon Sword with a slightly different animation.

Sadly, the entire single player adventure feels like a terrible version of a Dynasty Warriors game with Ryu Hayabusa thrown in and Ninja Gaiden’s button configuration. As mentioned, everything that could have possibly go wrong with the game went wrong. The game is very bad and feels a lot like a disrespect to what Ninja Gaiden 1 managed back in the original Xbox.

But the problems of the game don’t end there. For some stupid reason, they threw in a very crappy multiplayer mode where two players go coop in an area or where several players are put together in a set map to kill themselves using the combos from the Dragon Sword, bow and shurikens (which don’t work properly as well). The competitive multiplayer is terrible and not even the slight customization that forces people to pay extra for the DLC can save it. There’s no depth to it, the maps are bad, the gameplay is bad and the mode itself is laggy and glitchy like all hell.

In short, Ninja Gaiden 3 went terribly wrong in every aspect, it’s really almost impossible to find something good with it because there really isn’t anything, other than Ryu looking good graphically. Even fans of the series that know even a little about what is a good game and what is not will notice that this game has too many problems to be worth it. And now that there’s no chance to get the Dead or Alive 5 Alpha demo from it, there really is no reason to buy or play this game. With the same 60 dollars, it’s possible to buy both Sigma 1 and Sigma 2. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a terrible game that should be avoided like the plague.


- The graphics on Ryu Hayabusa are ok.
- The game included a code to the DOA5 demo in launch.

- Horrible visuals.
- The enemies have little to no AI.
- Crappy bosses require no skill to be killed.
- QTE everywhere.
- TERRIBLE storyline.
- Bad dialogs.
- Broken and Glitchy multiplayer.
- Shitty music.
- Only three weapons that are really just the same and ONE magic spell.
- It doesn’t include the DOA5 demo after launch.

- Graphics and Visuals………..5
- Music and Sound Effects…....4
- Gameplay………………...…4
- Replay Value………………..5

- Overall Score……………….. 4.5 / 10

Literature section

I've been thinking that a Literature section in the blog might not be a bad idea. In the last year I've read a lot of very cool books and opening a section with small opinions on them could work, either for me to keep track of what I read or for people who find the articles to know the opinion from someone who actually read the books.

I'm not a literary critic or anything but I really think the section could work, I'd make it just like the reviews, anime or figures ones but with links to book reviews and opinions. I think I could start with things like Robin Cook's Coma, Game of Thrones, Ico and the Halo books I like so much. And besides, it could help me with my project.

If I decide to do it, I'll open a new tab in the banner up there to allow easy access to the articles and make links for each review in there.


I finished Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden 3 is over. Possibly the worst game I've played for the PS3, and I still say that after I tried Hyperdimension Neptunia. It's a very sad thing, but everything went terribly wrong with this game, and the ironic thing is that I can't help but feel that Team Ninja, especially Hayashi are, or were, actually proud of what they did and they thought they made a great game. I'll elaborate everything as best as I can in a review during the weekend but let me say a few things.

The story is simply terrible, I'm well aware that Ninja Gaiden games aren't strong for their plots, even NG1 which is one of my 10 favorite games of all time, I'm also aware the with very few exceptions (Halo, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, etc) video games aren't good storytellers but the events in Ninja Gaiden 3 are simply horrible, laughable and retarded. The entire game doesn't make any sense no matter how you look at it. The terrorist attack in London happened for no reason, the fight against Obaba (who is supposed to be dead, twice), the "alchemist" dude with the mask moving between good and evil, etc, etc, etc.

Busa, who is supposed to be one of the most scary, badass and awesome ninjas in gaming is put as a fucking retard in the game. One moment he's killing a soldier who gives up and ask for his forgiveness and the next, he's playing origami with a 5-year-old girl and making jokes with some other children in his village (which should be deserted after NG1's events, except for his dad and Momiji).

The gameplay feels more like a Dynasty Warriors game than a Ninja Gaiden one. I truly believe that they thought the public wanted to simply kill stuff with Ryu and they filled the entire game with enemies who literally respawn from thin air. There are only three weapons and they're not different at all. I really just finished the game pressing the square button repeatedly in every fight, ah yes, I played it in Normal, no way in fucking hell I was gonna play this abomination in Hard mode. 

After playing this piece of shit, I feel the need to go on a journey through Vigoor once again, I'll definitely buy a Vita now only for Sigma Plus. And no, I don't think I'll ever touch Ninja Gaiden 3 again. I hated it and I'm seriously mad at that game. It's worse than God of War and I fucking hate God of War.

Again, I'll review the game during the weekend but if you're lazy enough to read a whole review and happen to stumble upon this article somehow looking for info on the game, DON'T BUY OR PLAY THIS PIECE OF SHIT. I'm pretty sure you can buy both Sigma titles for the same price and the first one is worth all your time, but not this. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a terrible game and should be avoided at all costs.


Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture!

I just watched the movie Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture. It's much better than I remembered, I watched it when it came out and I was naive enough to think that this was going to be the official sequel to the Hades saga.  Unfortunately, that one ended up horribly after the fantastic first thirteen episodes. But anyway, the movie is very very cool. With a fantastic art design and animations for the characters and attacks. There are several things in the environments that added bonus points to the art like the fact that the lightning is done in a very special way and the fact that there's water almost everywhere, thing that never happened in Saint Seiya before. To be a 2005 movie, it looks much better than any episode of Omega, the new series recently started. 

It starts with a trio of angels trying to kill Seiya who is paralyzed in a wheelchair under the care of Saori after he got a curse from Hades in the final battle of that saga. The three angels, named Odysseo, Icaro and another unnamed guy are under orders of Artemis, goddess of the moon and older sister of Saori (Athena). Artemis thinks that humanity must perish because they fought the gods way too many times so Saori once again decides to sacrifice herself as long as the saints and all humanity are left untouched.

Seiya then awakens but is unable to use his cosmo so he goes to the Sanctuary to try to protect Athena once again, in the way, he fights the angels and we see Shun, Ikki, Hyoga and Shyryu attempting to protect their goddess again.

Unfortunately, the movie didn't get as much praise as it deserved, especially because of the confusing ending and the rest of the story won't see the light of day. From what I understand, Seiya manages to land a punch on Apolo's face, so the god lets humanity live but erases the memory of both Seiya and Saori and possibly the rest of the bronze saints. No idea about what happened to the gold saints but their souls seem to be trapped in strange statues in a never-before-visited part of the Sanctuary where Ikki and Shun fight one of the angels.
I truly recommend watching the movie, we'll never know how this story ends but the art style is a reason good enough to watch the thing. Besides, the fights are pretty awesome and if you like Saint Seiya and action-oriented anime series in general, this movie is a must-watch.

XIII-2 100% run and NG3 progress

XIII-2 is proving to be quite difficult to 100%. For starters, I thought that by defeating the opponents in the coliseum I'd instantly get them for the party but it seems that they have a "drop rate". I defeated Lightning and Almovar and got none of them which got me really pissed and according to most forums, there's only one way to defeat Gilgamesh, Ultros and Omega Weapon with a guarantee that they'll join, that is, using some specific monsters bred in an specific way. 

Now, the thing is that I paid for most of those guys in the Coliseum and my plan was to defeat them, force them to join me and then use them to hunt down all 160 fragments and possibly get the Platinum Trophy for the game  if I felt like it but I don't know about that to be honest. I've got so many RPGs to play that it feels unfair to spend more weeks doing all this seemingly pointless shit in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Now, If I didn't have to play Xenoblade and the other games, I'd gladly do it, but well, I'll have to decide soon enough but knowing me, I'll end up 100% the fucking game.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is another story, I restarted the game in Normal because I refuse to play that shit in Hard mode. I'm already in stage 6 I think and the game isn't getting any better. It makes me really sad to play such a horrible game. The combat is dull, the weapons don't have the same feeling they had in NG1 and 2 and there's a forced storyline that makes me want to puke on the TV screen. Once I finish the game and try my hand at the multiplayer, I'll review it and be done with it for good.

Ah, FFXIII-2's review will also be coming very soon, probably during the weekend if my girlfriend and homework allow me to. My next reviews in the blog will be Ninja Gaiden 3 (PS3), Soul Calibur V (360), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) and Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS).


I finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 (SPOILERS)

I just finished the story in XIII-2. I LOVED the game, it is great in almost every way, the narrative is incredible, the environments are just breathtaking and it really deserves a spot among the best RPGs of the generation. The final battle was pretty awesome. Having to fight three different versions of Bahamut at the same time is scary and very difficult (I was a little underleveled) but I managed to emerge victorious thanks to my awesome monsters.

Just like the story during the course of the game, the ending is pretty confusing. I'm not really sure if this is the only ending in the game or if I got one of many, but what I saw was Serah dying because she suffered from the same curse as Yeul. Hope and Noel can't do anything but watch and at the end the entire Pulse appears to transform into Valhalla and Lightning appears sitting in Etro's throne, followed by a "To be continued" screen which is already confirmed to NOT be the announcement of a Final Fantasy XIII-3.

As soon as Lightning and Snow's chapters come out, I'm gonna buy them and even though I finished the story, it doesn't mean that my adventure is over. Far from it. Now I'm gonna hunt down all the 160 fragments and of course, destroy the fuck out of Gilgamesh, Ultros, Typhoon and Lightning in the Coliseum. This is what I like the most about the game, even though the story is "finished", I still got tons of shit to do in the same save file. Ah, and I forgot Sazh's minigames which I got to finish in order to have him in the party as a Synergist.

Which brings me to the battle system. First of all, I enjoyed a lot the monster catching thingy. It gives a lot of variety to the game even though we play with Serah and Noel through the entire adventure. In my personal case, I used robots, chocobos, birds, wolves, tortoises, behemots, giant spiders, small spiders, etc. It reminded me of how the developers managed to keep each battle fresh in X-2 with the job changing system even though we used Yuna, Rikku and Paine during the entire game.

But I have a complaint, in my opinion the original FFXIII managed an almost perfect balance between the six jobs. Of course, Commandos, Ravagers and Medics were the most used by EVERYONE but Synergists and Saboteurs were extremely useful in almost every battle and fights where huge groups of enemies surrounded you were frequent enough to justify the use of a Sentinel or two every now and then. Especially with tough bosses. In XIII-2, Commandos, Ravagers and Medics are still the most important, Saboteurs are still pretty cool because most enemies are weak to at least two or three status ailments but even though I was underleveled I never felt that a defensive play style was needed so I almost never used the Synergists and Sentinels. In fact, the only time I used Sentinels was in the final battle to survive the Judgement Blade and Teraflare attacks. 

Synergist were good and useful but not to the point where having Bravery or Protect or Shell activated was truly vital. Almost every battle, including the bosses could be finished with a formula using only Commando, Ravagers, Medics and Saboteurs. Now, this is only my opinion and I've still got too much shit to do in the game and thousands of battles to win so I'm gonna keep experimenting with different Paradigms which include Synergists and Sentinels to find cool ways of using those jobs.

So, I loved the game and I expect to write a review of it very soon. As I said in the beginning, I think its one of the best RPGs of the generation. It looks, sounds and plays excellently. I truly recommend it purchasing this game but remember: FINISH FFXIII first or the story won't make any sense AT ALL.


My Xenoblade arrived!

My copy of Xenoblade Chronicles is here! I got it from a friend who has friends in Gamestop over at the USA. I managed to get my hands on a copy with an art book. I really don't know for sure if all copies include the book or not but I'm really please about having one. it's very short but has excellent quality. The game is still sealed but I'm so fucking interested in playing it that I'll start it as soon as I'm done with Final Fantasy XIII-2. 

I wanted to play the Atelier games and Tales of Graces f but this game simply looks much better and I think it deserves to be played before the other JRPGs I have in my backlog. I'm happy about owning this game, really I am!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is confusing as fuck

I'm really into XIII-2 and wow I think that my trip, separating me from the game for three weeks really hindered the experience for me. Don't get me wrong, I think FFXIII-2 is AWESOME, one of the underrated jewels of the genre but I'm having serious problems understanding the plot. 

I don't get who the hell Yeul is to be honest or why there are so many of them. I don't understand what the fuck is Caius trying to do or if he even exists since the entire Academia 400AF chapter turned out to be a "fake Caius". But the most confusing of all is the fact that I simply have no idea of what Noel is doing with me. I'm playing and enjoying the game but there are way too many questions to be answered, but that makes me wanna play even more.

I'd like to take a look at the guide to read the story explanations but I'm afraid of any possible spoilers hiding through the pages so I'm just going to keep going in the game and try to fit the pieces. I don't think I ever had so much problems understanding a JRPG's story since the Xenosaga and Final Fantasy X days. 

This is the main reason why I've taken so long to write a review for the game, I haven't finished it and still don't understand everything about it. Just like with XIII, a review will eventually come out and I promise it will be one of the best I've written.